Dark Web Criminals Forced Bank Worker to Make Fraudulent Money Transfers


Fraudulent Money Transfers: A Scottish bank employee stole funds worth £75,000 from the bank customers after getting involved in a criminal gang of a dark web community. The accused, Dayne Lynn, a 22 year old boy from North Ayrshire became intrigued in the dark web after watching a Netflix documentary probably named Dark Net. The urge to find out whatever he came to know about the darknet is true, made him download the Tor browser bundle and accessed different forums on the dark web.

Dayne joined an internet chat community where he disclosed some of the personal details. This was a humongous mistake done by him. He has disclosed a lot of information and amongst all of them; he also shared information regarding his key role on the fraud that he teamed up at Lloyds Bank in Glasgow’s Atlantic Quay.

The accused was working as a member of a team in the bank that deals with the investigation of the fraudulent payments and transfer of money. Being on the department, the accused had access to the accounts of the various customers of the bank that had been flagged against security reasons. The “mystery crime gang” on the dark web community finally ordered him to scam from two of the accounts and transfer the money to them. On 18th July, 2016, Dayne has accessed 19 customer accounts with absolutely no permission or legitimate reason between 7:45 AM and 9:30 AM.

The accounts that were accessed through fraudulent money transfers belonged to Stuart Bryce and Timothy Evans. After 11:30 AM on the same day, Dayne transferred an amount of £25,000 from Evan’s account to another person. After having done this, within few minutes he again tried to transfer same amount which was denied because of the limit of the per day transaction. Later on the same day, Bryce’s account was hacked and an amount of £24,000 was transacted under “Prestige Boats” and finally the account was frozen owing to suspicious activity.


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