Law Firm Clerk Involved in Darknet Credit Card Scam Escapes Jail Sentence


Darknet Credit Card Scam: A law firm clerk in Manchester, named Samantha Doyle, has been sentenced imprisonment after found guilty of involved in the credit card fraud scheme. It was revealed that her husband Dane Fitzwater has coaxed her into committing the fraud conspiracy using the credit card information illicitly bought on the dark web having intentions to purchase luxuries amounting to over £100,000. The dark web is over flooded with the stolen credit card data. This incident is one of the many incidents that include the credit card fraud on the dark web.

After Doyle was compelled by her husband, she has undergone charges related to darknet credit card scam. The couple was an abetter to a larger group of criminals organizing their scam scheme on the most used mobile online messaging platform WhatsApp. In the current scam, the group generally posed as buyers and used stolen credit cards to buy luxury items from the different kinds of businesses. It has been found out that they already have made several purchases before they were arrested that includes flash cars, motorbikes and jewellery. The other people who were a part of this credit card fraud were Ashley Vickers and Aqil Khan.

The financial information is deliberately sold on the dark web markets where the data is priced between $30 and $50. The hackers steal the credit cards and the banking information from various financial institutions and sell the data taking advantage of the dark web. The buyers then use the amount in those credit cards to purchase items.

All the four fraudsters were sentenced distinctive judgement where Fitzwater was sentenced to six years of imprisonment. Khan and Vickers were sentenced to three years of imprisonment in being a part of the scam while Doyle escaped the jail sentence after she received 200 hours of unpaid service.


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