NY Doctor Convicted for Importing Cocaine and Heroin from the Dark Web


A Western New York doctor who was a recovering drug addict was arrested in the month of December 2018 and was charged for import of the drugs such as heroin and cocaine that has been obtained from the dark web. The accused was a 54 year old doctor named Torin Finver, who has been struggling with the addiction of drugs and was arrested from his hometown Hamburg of New York on 17th of December 2018. The accused was under the charge of illicitly procuring two of the controlled substances – Heroin and Cocaine from the dark web. He has been sentenced to 2 decades or twenty years of imprisonment along with $1 million of fine.

It has been found out that Finver was also serving as a reputed member of the University of Buffalo Medical School faculty. According to the researchers, Heroin and Cocaine are the most addictive and harmful drugs in the market. As per the U.S. attorney John P. Kennedy, several law enforcement agencies have conducted an investigation and seized four packages that has been addresses to Dr.Finver at his residence on Columbia Avenue in Hamburg, a small town located at a distance of 20 minutes South of Buffalo. Three of the seized packages contained drug Cocaine while the other package contained cheap opioid called heroin. As per the statistics, the heroin drug overdose-related deaths have increased five times from 2010 to 2016.

The investigation began on 21st of November 2018 when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized a parcel that has been addressed to the house of the accused. The address of the sender seemed to be fake as the address belonged to the pet shop in California. But on further investigation, it has been found out that the parcel was from Germany. The parcel contained 3 grams of white powdery substance, the drug cocaine.


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