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Interview: Dark0de Reborn Darknet Market

Dark0de Reborn is a universal marketplace offering you everything that you require. It offers some cool features, more than what one can expect. It is one of those darknet marketplaces worth a try!

Dark Web Link has invited them for an interview owing to providing an in-depth outlook of the market from the eyes of the administrators.

Dark0de Reborn Interview

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Here is what the administrators have to say –

Since your market has been around in the darknet for quite some time now, how long have you been actively operating?

Dark0de Admin:
The project was operating in many forms, one of which was the forum based marketplace, it was founded in early 2007 and went through many lifelines. The project was not operating from 2015 and in May 2020 we decided to re-open it as a traditional drug and many other stuff marketplaces, it is operating already for more than 2 months. The Dark0de in total lives for more than 13 years. 

Can you throw some light on how your market started?

Dark0de Admin:
It had started with an ambition to bring the most talented people from all over the world to a single place, and now history repeats.

What features does Dark0de Reborn currently boast that can distinguish it from other markets?

Dark0de Admin:

  • We are currently offering traditional Escrow, Finalize-Early, and MultiSig deals. The website has a wide range of categories to browse through.
  • Our site has a Dead-Drop type delivery. Vendors can simply manage their workers to deliver goods to any place in the world. The advantage of this type of deal is being contactless and leaving no digital traces, simple touch, and your cocaine is in hands, you don’t owe an address to the vendor. 
  • We do offer Exchanger and Mixer services as well as an advanced vendor dashboard where any vendor can see detailed statistics about their income. We do provide some of them personal v3 links and a private shop to be filled with listings for their needs. 
  • We have a lot of features that have yet to come soon, but we will not mention them now, but users are going to see them soon. We have a lot of updates planned in general. The project will not degrade.
  • From the history of the project, we evolved and always survived, we understand that we are in rigorous operation and can’t afford ourselves or our users any loss. That is why we have the most strong anti-DDoS protection ever made and web-app based on microservices with strong encryption standards.
  • We frequently do take backups and can afford refunding people their money, in case they are stolen.

Is there something it seems not correct here?

Dark0de Admin:
Yes, it is about DDoS we can mention of 20m packet attacks on our yet small site that comes from nowhere of reason. But undoubtedly, we are able to handle it.

What made you choose “Dark0de Reborn” as your market name?

Dark0de Admin:
The name has come from history, and it is something important for us to save. Also, we do remember many old members from the previous operation and want to let them know that they have a place to go for. Except for those that were arrested, there were many.

Being a veteran market admin, can you share some interesting insights?

Dark0de Admin:
Darknet is mainly divided into many little meaningful markets that are not private development, and the creators of these projects do not understand anything in coding. We can see this from the recent hacks in many markets; from this, we can assume that people can’t tolerate even common vulnerabilities, which are already known to be 20 years old. This whole situation is not right, and the darknet needs a developing monopolist to ensure the most excellent comfort and profit for sellers and customers.

Any tips you wish to share to keep the users safer?

Dark0de Admin:
Always use PGP 2FA, be careful with FE deals, do not finalize orders too early and always open a dispute in time. Do verify mirrors of the site not to get on a phishing link, do not talk much, use disk encryption, and secure OS. Always be careful with doses and quality of the product you order. 

What do you think about the other currently operational markets? Are there any specific market admins you believe are doing good (or bad) work?

Dark0de Admin:
Anyone who evolves doing great work should sustain while the ones who degrade and still stay for years must disappear soon.

How do you perceive the ongoing market drama (regarding the exit scams, hacks, Eckmars script, etc. )?

Dark0de Admin:
We see much drama regarding darknet that happened recently as lack of competition and obviously a bad thing, but sunshine follows thunder, and we believe we are going to change the current situation in a matter of months.

What sort of increase have you experienced in terms of users, posts and trading volume since the Bitbazaar exit scam?

Dark0de Admin:
We see people start to get more interest in us. We can see people coming from the other markets that are exit-scamming and not only exit-scamming, but they also are tired of things happening in darknet now. What markets nowadays are, they need sort of shelter and stability to stay with – and they will get it surely, those who stay with us now are those who are going to win in the future. Dark0de is a significant investment, and they have the right to be with us because soon, the game will change. But yet we still realize that we need more organic traffic and we have planned a lot of advertisement campaigns shortly. Vendors will get more customers, and customers will get more features and quality vendors. We can characterize us in the current time as a market with adequate success, relative to the time spent in the field.

Do you offer multi-sig transactions currently?

Dark0de Admin:
Yes, we do. We do offer 3 types of deals – escrow, finalize early, and multi-sig. Users can receive their items using a dead-drop delivery system or by post, leaving an address to the vendor. 

Would you like to tell us your vision for Dark0de Reborn? How do you see your market’s progress and growth in the next six to twelve months?

Dark0de Admin:
We can’t predict the future. But we have great ambition and positive views regarding ourselves. We are definitely seeing us as a giant marketplace very soon; we expect it to be in less than 6 months. And generally, we are going to do many updates, and the site will change its look 15 times. 

What is the current workforce of Dark0de Reborn? How many people are handling disputes lately?

Dark0de Admin:
We can’t specify how many people exactly are doing this work, but we already can say to feds that all people that do this are trusted for years. There are enough of them to handle as much as 3k+ disputes daily in time and with no delay.

Aren’t you afraid of getting busted?

Dark0de Admin:
We can surely say – in all of the Dark0de histories, someone was getting busted and not a single person, but we as main administrators always got out alive. After all this time we can say with confidence, there will always be busts, but only of not so smart people because they are usually the ones who allow mistakes to be busted for. We are not afraid to be busted and generally are ready to face our destiny. But we consider and demand a better future for ourselves and refuse to look in bad scenarios of our future lives. 

Anything interesting you would like to share with the readers?

Dark0de Admin:
We would like to suggest everyone to start being on more positive vibes since the world is on edge nowadays, have a great summer and live each day like the last day of your lives, follow your dreams because now is a great time to do so. 

Thank you for your time!

Want to visit Dark0de Reborn?

Get the link from here: Dark0de Reborn – And feel free to share your review of the market here.

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  1. what a load of crap, original dark0de is long gone. yes i know because i used to be a member. it used to be riddled with undercovers and informants only several legit people.

    what a lame attempt to capitalize on the name

  2. This is the history.. if one is gone then 2nd one will come with more upgrades and security…

    You can’t point link that..

  3. they friends of Helium and few cools old guys in Dread so i trust,if are reboot or not doesn’t matter. ripoff i no blame you. you talk like feds or undercover


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