Dark Web Offers YouTubers Dangerous Mystery Boxes


Dark Web satiates the curious individuals by selling boxes of unknown items known as the “Mystery Boxes”. The Mystery Box is a package containing some content(s) that remains unknown to the recipient and the Mystery Box can be purchased online via a darknet marketplace. The Mystery Boxes were there for quite some time and had gained immense popularity and now the YouTubers are creating videos about their contents.

The dark web is filled up with various kinds of products from drugs, ransomware to weapons and fake Ids and a lot more. However, people have been pretty curious and anxious of the Mystery Box as it contains several unknown items that is attracting the YouTubers to purchased the Mystery Box with hundreds of dollars and review them. The boxes are one of the causes that they are gaining immense views on their channels. But one thing that might be or rather could be possible that the boxes have been bought from eBay.

One of the trending YouTubers named Jude Somers have received over five million views on his unboxing video where he had paid £250 that is equivalent to $319 USD for a Mystery Box on the darknet marketplace. The unboxing video showed that his box contained an iPad, a Motorola cell phone, a black gooey and smelly substance, a red stained screwdriver and some more products. Some of the other YouTubers have received stained knives, pack of cards and some mysterious powders. Due to the fact that there are inadequate rules and regulations in the dark web, there could be possibility that some of the Mystery Boxes could contain toxic and hazardous substances, weapons, bombs or clearance inventory. During the unpacking, the customers might get them into adverse health issues which were spotted with some YouTubers who experienced such things days later of their unboxing.



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