Will Dark Web Serve as Communication Channel for Whistleblowers?


Anonymity might seem to be carrying a negative aspect on the society although there are some instances where anonymity bears a positive aspect on the society. The anonymous whistleblowers through their anonymity has been offering all sorts of benefits to the society by obtaining and providing information about the illegal activities like the corruption within the government agencies FBI of CIA  or price-fixing scandals. In the latest history, Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee exposed how the National Security Agency (NSA) has an infrastructure of global surveillance already in place.

This brings us to the question- Why aren’t the whistleblowers utilizing the dark web? Dark web is already the home for anonymity. Well, to be very honest, dark web is used as a communication channel by the whistleblowers to some extent as the most well known example is the WikiLeaks. The international non-profit organization has no doubt altered the history though some even at this point wonder if it is relevant today. WikiLeaks is still active on the Dark web and it has leaked information about the location of Amazon’s data centers. Whistleblowers, some of them are quite comfortable using the WikiLeaks given the number of leaks they have done.

Whistleblowers could easily contact a media company and go through their channels in order to provide a story. This on the other hand would lead to more exposure. In case they were uncomfortable with this way, they could have even commented as an anonymous Quora or Reddit user. There could be possibilities that the dark web is too dark and that there are other ways for the whistleblowers to take that are obviously more transparent than the dark web, legitimate and could reach to more people. The dark web will always be a tool for the whistleblowers, but at the same time it will be very fascinating to see how the whistleblowers utilize it in the near future.


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