Vendors Target Dark Web Users Asking to Contact them Via Jabber, Wickr & ICQ


The vendors of the dark web employ various sharp and cunning tactics that even makes the potential customers fall prey to the frauds without even predicting such things from happening. Among various tactics that are used by the dark web vendors to get hold of the users visiting the darknet sites, one of the most popular ways to reach the darknet vendor is by asking them to contact the vendors using various platforms such as Jabber, Wickr or ICQ. All of these platforms operate on the computers and the smart phones.

It is known to almost all of the darknet users that ICQ and Jabber are the most common venues for the fake vendors to scam the unsuspecting persons. This is done by claiming that they can offer specific services. While the opposite is true that means that the vendors are incapable of providing the claimed services.

In most of the cases involving this kind of fraudulent, the attackers target the first timers or the novice darknet users and not the experienced ones who are completely unaware of such kind of fraud. Once a user gets scammed, he becomes more conscious and thus it becomes a tedious job for the attackers to scam the same individual. It has even been found out that some of the biggest dark web marketplaces like the Dream Market (The biggest market after the fall of AlphaBay and Hansa) bear vendors who request the users to contact them privately.

An instance to this can be said that while enquiring about the services offered by the vendor “PEPPERSTELEPHON” responded by telling the DWN to contact him through Wickr or ICQ. People do not think before contacting them privately that why would a vendor ask him to contact privately while they can do so in the same marketplace.


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