Dark Web Typosquatting Yielded Bitcoin Scammer $760K


A Bitcoin scammer has claimed that he has made 200 BTC that is estimated as equivalent of approximately $760,000 through domain squatting of the dark web. The activity of domain squatting is also known as “Typosquatting” which is a known problem in the ecosystem of dark web. The scammer claims that his has collected his profits scamming people through the dark web over the past four years.

Typosquatting is a type of cybersquatting that basically indicates sitting on a particular website under an already existing brand. These kinds of websites targets the users who mistype the destination address of the website such as mistakenly typing faceboook.com in place of facebook.com. This enables the scammers to draw in users to a similar looking website that is run by a different operator and not the original operator. This results in the scammer to earn profit from the website. On the other hand, the users remain unaware of the fact that they are visiting or making purchases on a fake website. The claims of the scammers have been unearthed by a company run by the name Digital Shadows.

Harrison Van Riper, the strategy and research analyst of Digital Shadows has made the initial investigations into the typosquat and has published his findings on 21st of March 2019. Riper used their investigation tool named Shadow Search that yielded him a wide range of the typosquat dark web domains. There remains a hesitation to totally trust whatever the scammer has revealed. But definitely this can be considered as the major warning for similar types of fraud on the dark web and people needs to be cautious before visiting any dark web sites. The firm has observed that some of the websites have utilized their Bitcoin wallets to receive the payments and the donations while the scammer has boasted the use of his self-made payment processor as if some purchase was taking place. This type of activity is called Dark Web Typosquatting.


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