Dark Web as a Tool for Public Good and Free Speech


The dark web is such a sphere of the internet that has kept the majority of the people under serious condition whether to consider the dark web or the hidden web as benevolent or malevolent. The dark web has become pivotal in all debates encircling the subject of the online anonymity – its good and bad sides. At this point, the government and the related bodies cannot come to a conclusion whether to use the online anonymity and risk the anger of the human rights activists. This is all because of the fact that the dark web has particular offerings that qualifies it as an instrument for the betterment of the public and free expression and dark web as a tool can be used by the institutions both private and corporates.

A majority of the people of the international media content have perceived the dark web as scary. Obviously, in this context, it cannot be avoided that dark web have been malleable to the negative media coverage. The hidden web or the dark web has very often portrayed itself as the major source of illegal activities. Similar to many stereotypes, this is truly a misconception that provides a biased and narrow-minded worldview. To stay focussed, we all have to agree to the fact that the dark web as a tool has supported a lot of illegal activities.

As per the Bruce Schneier who is an acclaimed internet privacy pundit, online anonymity is very much necessary for the people who live in not-so-democratic countries. These are the nations where people are aggressively discouraged by the governments against using the internet as a platform of free thought and destination where one could be killed or tortured for the restricted online activities. The debate surrounding the fundamental provisions of the dark web is far over. Concluding, online anonymity is a double faced baby that needs care.


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