Research Reveals Over Fifteen Hundred Dark Web Tags in Fortune 100 Websites


Crownpeak, a digital experience management firm, conducted a research that revealed that the companies owned by Fortune 100 possesses 1768 dark web tags that is responsible for the average lag of 5.2 seconds in the website. The websites that perform the worst undergoes an average lag of 11.1 seconds that have a huge impact on their performance. The management firm has grouped the tags into two naming them dark web tags and the first-party tags. The first-party tags injected the these tags either intentionally or unintentionally while the first-part tags were added on a direct basis to the source code of the web page.

Based on the Crownpeak’s assessment, 734 dark web tags were added amongnst the 20 Fortune 100 Company owned websites which accounts to twice the average of the websites. This also accounts to 7.5 times more than the 18 of the Fortune best performing websites. There certainly is a difficulty in curbing the growth of the dark web tags as it has been found that one first-party tag adds an average of 1.2 dark web tags on the best performing sites while it adds an average of 3.4 tags to the worst performing sites. Not only do the tags make the website unmanageable, but dangerous at the same time for the people visiting them. This is due to the fact that these tags aid the attackers to get hold of the database and the management layer and as well receive unauthorized access to data from the filled out forms.

Crownpeak states that the tag management is the only solution to this problem. The study carried out by Evidon bears the solution to this problem. Though there are a lot of privacy regulations made for the dark web, but still there needs to be some more rigid regulations on tag management.


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