Dark Web Blackmail: Trenton Man Forced Teenager To Have Sex


A Trenton city man has breached the trust of a teenage girl and blackmailed her into having sexual relations on camera under dark web blackmail that the victim was unaware of. He had said that the dark web had in possession one of her photos, which otherwise would be released on the public network.

The accused has been identified as Bryan Cruz-Urena aged 24 years who had been detained on multiple charges related to sexual assault, as the Mercer Country Prosecutor states.

The defendant is accused of duping the teenager causing dark web blackmail and taking advantage of the underaged (aged 14 years) victim who happens to be the sister of a woman that he had dated in the past, as the probable cause affidavit mentioned.

Back in 2018, when the teenager was 13 years old, she had received a strange text message that read:

“Get your mom’s phone and we can see what we can do from there.”

The teen immediately blocked the phone number and stated her concern to Cruz-Urena to help her out with some advice. Instead of helping her out with his guidance, the accused had undergone dark web blackmail and preyed on the girl’s trust, as stated by the police records.

The accused had informed the victim that the message she had received had been sent from the “dark web” and he urged her to unblock the number immediately. He had also asked her to follow all the instructions that the number will provide, says the affidavit. He had also informed her that the person behind the unknown number has her picture, where she is holding a bag of marijuana. On not following his instructions, the photo could be “used against her”.

The teenager had placed her trust on the predator and unblocked the number. She had also followed the insane instructions owing to dark web blackmail that was relayed to her from the so-called dark web.

The “dark web” had instructed her to capture some photos of herself topless, in underwear and masturbating. She was also asked to send them to Cruz-Urena, who would act as the middle man between the victim and the dark web due to technical difficulties, clears the affidavit.

Image: University of BATH

Back on the 6th of September 2018, the accused had messaged the teenager asking her to leave the back-door of her house open. Cruz-Urena had come over and told the teenager that the “black web” had ordered they should have sex on the cell phone camera as proof, stated the affidavit.

After they had finished, he had warned the victim not to disclose anything to anybody as he would get into trouble because of their age difference. He had also told the teenager that they had to keep the sexual relations going as the black web was still unsatisfied with the video that they had filmed, mentions the affidavit.

Cruz-Urena had sexually assaulted the teenager multiple times from September 2018 to June 2019 and had undergone dark web blackmail states the affidavit. Police had attempted to interview the accused, but he had claimed that he had asked the victim to let her mother know regarding the strange text message she had received at the beginning.

As of the current situation, it is still unclear whether the investigators had linked the accused to the initial text message from the unknown number.

Source: Trentonian

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