Dark Web Supply of Poison Led To Murder Intention of Californian Man


A Californian man who is a resident of Oakland has been sentenced to imprisonment under allegations of plotting a murder against his wife using poison (a chemical mixture) bought from the dark web. The accused is identified as a 41 year old man named by Sandford Bemi Faison who supposedly has logged onto his computer on 3rd of December, 2018 to enquire about a car engine related query on an anonymous dark web forum. But this was not the actual purpose of the accused to log in to his dark web account.

Sandford intended to plot the murder of his wife to have the complete custody of their children after their divorce. Faison’s plan could have been full proof unless the poison’s vendor turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. The FBI agents tracked the package after bugging it that lead to the arrest of Sandford on 9th of January from his residence.

Sandford confessed that prior to his intentions or idea to purchase poison from the dark web, he had thought of hiring hitmen from the dark web. But due to the expensive service of the hitmen, the accused instead went ahead with purchasing lethal dose of poison from the dark web. As per the unsealed FBI criminal complaint obtained through the local news outlet, Sandford wanted his wife’s death to happen within 18 months of purchasing the poison and he went on to discuss his plan on a dark web message board. Their marriage was venomous comprised of domestic violence and marital issues that led them to file for a divorce. The accused aimed to secure the custody of their two children by removing his wife from the scene forever. He also stated that the divorce proceedings were contentious and civil. Dark Web is a place where these activities are very common.


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