Darknet Trade: Teenager Arrested For Alleged Pistol Import


Mysterious Package: Teenager arrested for ordering pistol from the dark web has denied earlier reports concerning his intention to carry out a massacre. In a statement made during his interview session, Kyle Davies, 19 revealed that the idea behind the pistol ordered from the dark web was to carry out a suicide mission he researched about on the internet.

According to a report, Davies admitted to purchasing weapons such as AK47 and Glock 17 handgun, and even made a comprehensive research on massacre. However, he objected the circulating reports that he was working out a mass killing.

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According to the statement read at the Gloucester Crown Court, Davies contacted a vendor on the dark web to purchase weapons. The dealer suggested delivering fifty rounds of ammunition to the defendant. However, the defendant asked for just one or two bullets. Davies also said that he chose the Glock 17 handgun because the price was much affordable.

In June 2018, security officers at the Newark Airport in New Jersey drew the attention of the British police about a package discovered to have contained bullets and guns. As claimed by the Gloucester Crown Court, the delivery address on the package was traced to the residence of Kyle Davies. A police officer then disguised himself as a deliveryman and delivered a camouflage package to Davies.

On the report of an interview granted after his arrest and transcribed to be read at the court, Davies revealed that he left the package on the floor for several hours. His unwillingness to open the package was partly due to his unhappy demeanor, considering it to be something he intended to take his life with.

The Arrest

Before he decided to open the package, he heard the sounds of multiple large vehicles on his compound with armed men pointing rifles to his direction. The next thing he heard was a shout on the residents to come out of the house with their hands up. At this point, he realized they came for him. The armed policemen nabbed him, handcuffed him and put a bag on his head. He was then asked a multiple questions including his mental state, of which Davies replied that he was diagnosed of social anxiety disorder. He also talked about his attempt to commit suicide when he was 15 years.


Davies admitted to have made researches on killings and made handwritten notes on infamous massacres such as the Breivik and the Columbine disasters. When he was asked about that, he stated that his intention was to learn about the part of the body to shoot for quickest death. He clarified that the easiest way to die is to shoot at oneself. This led to another question of why he purchased AK47 just to kill himself. Davies replied: “If the first shot doesn’t kill you, it will continue firing if I put it in my mouth or something.”

No statement was made whether Davies has any criminal record, but according to information, he is an A-Level student planning to enroll into the Exeter University.

Davies said in the interview that he is more interested in random things, especially, horrible things, explaining why he spent time to research on gory incidents. Though he is obsessed with such things, Davies emphasized that he had no intention to undertake a mass killing. He stated that he finds it embarrassing for his suicide intention to be interpreted as a step to commit mass murder. As claimed by him, he was depressed and felt like there is no point in anything. From his perspective, it was good for him to take his life now than to live a miserable life in the next fifty years. He stated that he had no intention to endanger any life as it is believed.

The process that led to the arrest of Davies is likened to the arrest of a Software Engineer, David Mitchell whose package was intercepted by the U.S. border security agents for containing illegal guns and ammunition. Authorities similarly delivered a dummy package instead of the real one to the address labeled on the package. It was said that his arrest came after authorities had investigated him for a while through a joint operation to subject illegal firearm dealers under the authority of the law. The perpetrator was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison. In the case of Davies, the number of years he faces is a bit unclear as he is currently facing trial for multiple counts.

Source: Punchline-Gloucester

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