Dark Web Drug Sale: North Carolina Woman Considered To Be A Key Suspect


The dark web is the place of an enigma. It is the place where criminal activity thrives. All kind of activity be it hacking, selling Cryptocurrency, identity theft, selling drugs and even hiring goons for murder all take place in the dark web. It has been infamous for all this kind of criminal activity. Recently another of the incident occurred which is not a surprising case when it is another case of selling of drugs that has been a common occurrence nowadays. Another women have been allegedly involved and been convicted of selling drugs online. Law enforcement agencies are investigating North Carolina women for selling of pills on the dark web.

North Carolina women allegedly are being investigated by Homeland Security and United States Postal Inspection Service for her alleged linked to the dark web. After both the law enforcement raided the suspect’s house, they found hundreds of packets which contained pills that she sold online. The packet where the pills were found were the packets of United States Postal Service by which she used to sell pills on the dark web.  According to a news report, North Carolina allegedly involved in the selling of pills online when homeland security investigations  (HSI) intercepted two packages containing several thousand dosage units of carisoprodol also known as Soma.

Image source: abcnews.go.com

The intended package was addressed to Tammy Allison Kelly another woman residing in Littleton a suburb in North Carolina. Agents of Postal Inspector with USPIS and homeland security (HIS) along with Sheriff’s office of Halifax County on September 9 conducted a raid at Kelly’s Littleton home. During the raid, search agents found 12000 dosage units of carisoprodol known as Soma with it 1,500 doses of alprazolam (Xanax). The seizure also included 90,000 doses of Tramadol and 400 doses of Ambien.

Source: DarknetLive

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