Fake Dark Web Pedophile Hunter Headed to Prison for Child Abuse


 The dark web has been described as a haven for Pedophile for a long time, due to the rate at which the sickening act occurs over there. Numerous attempts have been made to curb this situation, but it seems no matter how hard law enforcement tries, there’s always news about sexual abuse of a child or an underage kid. This year has been no exception to the hideous crimes as many busts have been made by law enforcement.

The latest development on the fight against Pedophiles on the dark web is the sentencing of Jonathan Lloyd Kay, a 54-year-old man who pretended to be a Pedophile hunter on the dark web. Kay was, in fact, the exact opposite of what he portrayed himself to be, and was secretly paying guardians of children in the Philippines to make them perform nasty sect acts live on webcams.

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Kay was handed a nine-year prison sentence after being convicted of seven charges, including, sexually abusing children, possession of an extreme pornographic image, arranging the commission of a child sex offence and possession of an indecent image. Some of Kay’s victims were as young as three years old. He was also to register as a sex offender for life, as part of his sentence.

Reports suggest that Kay, disguised himself as an agent with the National Crime Agency, trying to catch dark web Pedophile, molesting little children. He was rather wiring money to parents in the Philippines to force their children to perform those vile acts on intercourse for his amusement.

According to court documents, Kay once asked for the continuous abuse of three sisters who were aged eight, seven and five on live cam. The Monmouth native made 190 bank transfers to the Latin American country. He reportedly negotiated fees around £20 to £40 with the parents of his victims. Kay’s secret payments were made through the World Remit money transfer which converted the Pounds into the Philippino pesos.

During his sentencing, Prosecutor Clare Wilks stated that Kay was in effect ordering the abuse and sexual torture of children online and once his payment got to the intended recipient, he would order the parent around on the preferred way he wanted the child to be abused.

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Judge John Philpotts, labelled Kay as a depraved individual, and that, the abuses he helped carried out were disgusting and vile. He continued to say that; Kay transferred money to watch the gruesome sex abuse of little kids and later cooked up a ridiculous story, describing himself as a Pedophile hunter, which implied that he was out there to help the children he was abusing. Judge Philpotts added that he was glad the jury saw through those lies and rejected it.

Kay, a father of two and a retired Royal Navy officer, however, told the court that, he didn’t have any interest in conventional sex. “Inside this nest of vipers, I had to become a viper to provide evidence for the police,” he stated. About his the money he wired to families in the Philippines, he said that it was to pay for food, rent, birthday gifts, and shelter.

Kay’s claims were however rebuffed as transcripts of Skype, and video calls were already made available to the jury. In one particular video, he gave specific instructions to a parent of a girl, which read, “You understand my guidelines.”

Kay’s online monstrosity came to the attention of the police after cybercrime agents uncovered chat logs on different computers which had the details of every negotiation and transaction Kay made with the parents of his innocent victims.

Court documents also revealed that Kay tried to dispose of an iPad, by throwing it into a quarry after he noticed that the police had caught wind of what he was doing. Kay was also charged with perverting the course of justice, which was as a result of the iPad he threw away, which was never found by the police.

Speaking after the sentencing, CPS’s Leanne Jonathan expressed his joy over his prison sentence, stating that Kay didn’t run away from justice even though his hideous crimes were done outside the country. He added that Kay didn’t have any regard for the kids who were subjected to various abuse just because he wanted to satisfy disgraceful personal fantasies.

Kay’s sentence now adds to a long list of Pedophiles who have been put down by the law. 26-year-old Kyle fox, a dark web Pedophile was given a 22-years jail sentence for abusing a toddler as well as rapping a 5year-old boy and then posting the videos to many dark web platforms.

Source: BBC

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