Dark Web Offers Fraudulent Refund Services


It is a fact that the dark web is a mysterious side of the web where fraud attacks are one of the most common things prevalent.  One of the latest forms of fraud is the fake refund services that target the online retailers banking on their refund policies to claim money or replacements using fraudulent methods for the products they have not or never purchased.

The fraudulent refund services offered on the dark web is the most prevalent form of the cybercrime owing to the fact that the merchants are trapped trying to ensure the customer satisfaction and mitigating the loss of an estimated 500,000 Euros each month through cybercrime.

The fraud for refund services has significantly grown since 2017 basing on the increasing number of the online sales. There is no denying that this has been openly discussed on the dark web forums where the fraudulent vendors always reach out quickly to offer their specialized services to the interested parties. It has also been noticed that the happy customers have even left screenshots along with the message of gratitude and praises after a successful refund scam. The expert vendors who continuously pull of several scams will also receive continuous business from their satisfied customers. Though online retailers struggle to find out ways around this scam, more and more illegitimate vendors pop up frequently on the dark web forums to offer their services.

The increasing number of the criminal activity has led to the inrush in the advertisements of the fraudulent receipts on the dark web that often looks authentic and can be used to target a wide variety of the online retailers. The fake receipt vendors depend on the social engineering as their main tactic. The much customizable nature of the fake receipts makes it more difficult for the authentic companies to guess the next move of the fraud vendors. Also, the vendors have made it easier to collect reimbursement without an initial payment.


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