Darknet Murder-for-Hire Attempt: Man Trying To Kill Stepmom Prisoned

Dark web murder-for-hire

Authorities have sentenced Beau Brigham 33, to three years in state prison after pleading guilty  to attempting to murder stepmom using dark web murder-for-hire service. Brigham was earlier reported to have admitted to surfing through the dark web to find a hitman.

According to a press released by the District Attorney’s Office, Brigham will likely spend additional four months in prison due to the sentencing rules. His arrest came after he made contact with a fake website set up to scam individuals looking for dark web murder-for-hire service.

Chris Monteiro, who describes himself as a cyber crime analyst alerted the CBS “48 hours” program with evidence about the intention of Brigham to assassinate his step mother according to earlier report. Brigham provided all the necessary details to the website including the photos of the victim, her address and her car details. In his recent appearance at the court, Brigham stated that he has Lyme disease, brain damage. According to him, cancer is spreading fast in his body, and he think he will die within two months.

Dark web murder-for-hire

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He further stated that he has spent all his money from inheritance on medical treatments. He added that he is in semi-vegetative state. Brigham admitted his wrongdoings. However, he said he had no intention to hurt anyone. He then showed an eight minutes video of himself riding a bicycle, bartending, visiting a winery and making a trip to San Francesco and New York. He then mentioned that the video was about how he lived his life before the incident and how his life has gradually become worse.

In addition to the eight-minute video presented to the court, his defense attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu presented more evidence about the medical condition of his client. Funke-Bilu presented that Brigham was diagnosed with Somatic Symptom Syndrome and brain damage, seeking for probation as it does not help society to put mentally ill people in prison.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Frye argued that Brigham may be mentally ill but he had a sound mind when he was surfing through the dark web searching for a hitman to murder his stepmom. Frye proposed a minimum sentence of six years in prison, or a possible upper term of nine years to Brigham. Fryer presented his argument that Brigham did not order something on the dark web and quickly regretted as it usually happens. He went online and search for an assassination website, and communicated his intention on multiple occasions.

Brigham’s stepmom also read her statement in court, stating that Brigham had a wonderful father by the name Jeff Brigham who experienced his death on 2011. According to her, Jeff Brigham left behind a night club and a Saratoga bar.

The stepmom took charge of the businesses left behind. As claimed by the prosecutor, Brigham begun to have a problem with his stepmother over financial decisions relating to the inheritance. The decision to hire an assassinator to eliminate his stepmom is linked to the fact that Brigham is the potential successor of the businesses. The stepmom expressed her anger on how she was being dragged into this issue by someone who needed every dime to be satisfied.

dark web murder-for-hire

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Judge Jesse Marino expressed her disappointed about the fact that the defendant was being remorseful for his action but was not taking responsibility. According to him, Brigham made no final payment to the dark web murder-for-hire site for the amount requested. His decision was influenced by a number of factors.

Marino also said that it should have been clear that the website contacted to execute the murder was a scam.
After the court session, Funke-Bilu expressed his disappointment in the ruling outside the court. He claimed that his client made a payment of $2.95 for a service that wad supposed to cost an amount not less than $5000. He further argued that the order was not even acted upon.

In the press release, District Attorney Dan Dow sated that the cowardly criminal used the dark web thinking he could commit a crime while hiding, but his expert staff and the provided resources assisted in proving his crime and subjecting him under the authority of the law.

Dan Dow then commended the courage of the victim to appear at court reluctantly to endure the pressure that comes with cross-examination.

Source: San Luise Obispo Tribune

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