What is Dark Web Monitoring and why should you use it?


The dark web is a subset of the internet where anonymity is cherished and criminal activity can flourish. Cybercriminals can meet anonymously on the dark web for purchasing and selling information unlawfully, just like two individuals meeting in a dark netfor trading cash for illegal products.

We live in a time where personal information is extremely valuable. How can you tell whether your data has been exposed to hackers on the Dark Web? Although it appears to be impossible, it is not. A tool called Dark Web Monitoring is utilised to do this.

How can you take action if you don’t realise there’s a problem?

If you are alerted that your information has been detected on the dark web, Dark Web Monitoring allows you to become aware and take action.

If your email address or account number is discovered on the dark web, for example, you may change the password you use to get into that account to a new, unique, and complicated password.

What dangers do you face when it comes to your personal information?

Cybercriminals are persons who aim to carry out unlawful actions using contemporary technology. Theft of personal information is one of them. Personal data includes information such as a person’s name, surname, age, address, or PESEL number, as well as a bank account number, website login details (i.e. password + login), and other sorts of services, such as paying. The repercussions of identity theft may be severe; for example, you may find that money has mysteriously vanished from your account, or that someone has used your funds to make online transactions.If a thief gets past the password barrier, there’s nothing stopping him from making the modifications he wants.

Many people believe they are unaffected by this issue. They don’t purchase online, for example, so what threat do they pose? But do you pay with a credit card at stores? If a security breach occurs and data held on the servers of the sales network or the bank itself is compromised, the thieves may gain access to your card information, which may be different.You undoubtedly have an account with one of the stores if you shop online and have a few favourites. In any case, online retailers encourage it by enticing customers with exclusive offers and events only for registered customers. And that’s just OK. It is, however, far worse when a specific retailer or digital payment operator is hacked. Then your information might end up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, preventing data theft is a never-ending battle. Hackers are always battling security experts.Every new safeguard, no matter how impractical it appears, may be cracked sooner or later, prompting security experts to design a new one, hackers to attempt to breach it, and so on indefinitely. What about data that was taken as a result of leaks? They frequently end up on the Dark Web, a dark part of the internet. It’s a haven for illegal activity, such as drug and weapon trafficking. Furthermore, “goods” on secret forums contain, among other things, personal information gained through hacking.

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How can you tell whether your personal information is on the Dark Web?

Because you aren’t in charge of website security, you can’t help but hack them. The issue then becomes, is there any other method to shield oneself against the negative consequences of such events? The first thing that springs to mind is resetting the passwords on the websites where the information was taken. But this begs the question: how can I know whether my information is on the Dark Web? Dark Web Monitoring is a service provided by Nortonlifelock, a global pioneer in cybersecurity. This is a feature that anyone who does not wish to be “smart after the harm” should take use of.

What precisely is Dark Web Monitoring?

As the name implies, we’re talking about a service that keeps an eye on locations on the Dark Web where personal information is traded. Checks secret forums, social networking sites, and the so-called “deep web” for exposed data using monitoring technologies created specifically for this purpose. This is a cutting-edge service that will verify if your information is available on the Dark Web. If this occurs, you will receive an immediate notice, allowing you to swiftly change passwords for sites that utilise your personal information. This will alert potential thieves that they will be able to obtain your information, but it will be outdated!

How can you get Dark Web Monitoring?

Service Monitoring of the dark web is included in all plans (except Norton 360 Standard ). Importantly, once the service is established, a one-time scan of the Dark Web is conducted, reaching all the way back to 2008! You will be able to determine whether or not your data has been compromised in the past. Following this check, the function begins to work in real time. But Nortonlifelock’s solution is more than that. You can secure up to five devices with the Norton 360 Deluxe bundle, which can be used both at home and in the office.

It’s worth noting that the protection applies to both Windows (beginning with Windows 7.1 SP1) and Mac OS X, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. You also receive a Secure VPN (included) and 50 GB of cloud storage for data backup. Of course, the program’s principal function in this is to provide virus protection. Furthermore, Norton 360 lets you to utilise a password manager, allowing you to generate a new, unique, and very secure password in the case of a data breach, which you may use to replace the one in the hands of criminals.This isn’t the conclusion of the storey. Parental control tools and camera protection are included in the package price, which is quite essential nowadays.

Final words

That’s why Dark Web Monitoring along with a slew of other features is included in Norton 360 subscriptions. You get complete gadget protection and, more importantly, “your finger on the pulse”!

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