CTOS Provides Malaysians Dark Web Monitoring Tool For Free


In the wake of the suspected data breach of Malaysian public data by the National Registration Department (NRD), CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian credit reporting service, verified yesterday that its data assets happen to be secure. Starting October 4, 2021, all Malaysians will be able to use CTOS SecureID to monitor the dark web for free for a month. Customers would have piece of mind knowing if their personal information has been exposed on the dark web, thanks to the service.  

“Public must know that there are no marks that our data assets have been ruptured, as of now,” CTOS Group Chief Executive Officer Dennis Martin (photo) said. CTOS prioritises cyber security risk and data breach protection as Malaysia’s premier credit reporting agency, with all data and information in our hands protected by world-class certified data security technology.

“We have made and will continue to make considerable expenditures to ensure that our IT and data security architecture, procedures, policies, and systems happen to be benchmarked against Risk Mgmt in Technology (RMiT) standard of Bank Negara Malaysia, ISO27001, and other global standards,” says the company.

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As cyber-attacks became more common and sophisticated, he continued, the corporation has increased its proactive assessments and protocols to preserve the integrity of its data.

“To assure their continuous strength, our systems are subjected to extensive penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and audits by 3rd party IT security specialist businesses on a regular basis.We are convinced that we are well-positioned to defend our data assets against any future cyber security threats, as evidenced by the fact that no data breaches have occurred since our founding in 1990,” he added.

Martin further highlighted that the temporary suspension of access to the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) service by Bank Negara Malaysia applied to all credit reporting agencies, not just CTOS. The move is being implemented across the industry as a preventative measure to further protect client information.

Customers should rest confident that the company is closely monitoring the situation with the relevant regulators and undertaking additional assessments to see whether extra security measures are required.

“I highly encourage all Malaysians to take advantage of our free CTOS SecureID programme, which will provide you with fast notifications if your data is compromised. It will provide you with the necessary piece of mind,” he stated.

CTOS serves around 17,000 corporate customers, including SMEs, primarily in Malaysia.CTOS ID, a free service for accessing credit information, has around 1.3 million registered users. It also claims to have 15 million customer profiles and eight million company profiles.

Source: digitalnewsasia



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