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Dark Web Meth Buyer: US Cops Seize Guns & Ammunitions

The US authorities had been running a sting operation on a dark web meth buyer from New Hampshire of California named James Coughlin, when the cops saw him paying for drug methamphetamine or commonly known as meth with Bitcoin. This information has been shown in the court documents.

Back in January 2020, the law enforcement authorities had entered the accused’s residence with a search warrant. On searching his house, the cops had found guns and ammunition along with $2,400 worth of cash, which they seized. A complaint was filed on the 6th of August that shows that being a convicted felon, the accused should not have been able to purchase guns and ammunition. The complaint has also asked for the seizure and forfeiture of the confiscated items.

Coughlin was spotted back in the year 2018 following a package interception by the authorities. The package was bound for his address and contained a pound of methamphetamine. The accused in no time became a suspect of being a dark web meth buyer by the then cops who had planned detailed sting operation.

Following this, in October 2018, the local law enforcement officers had planned and oversaw a dark web meth package’s controlled delivery to the accused’s residence. His wife, Lanna Spurlock, had signed and received the parcel after which the cops searched the property and seized 8 grams of methamphetamine on the premises.

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A year later in September 2019, a confidential source had informed the authorities that the accused had ordered the methamphetamine drug (meth) on the dark web. The source has confirmed as well that the accused had paid for the purchase using Bitcoin.

The authorities, in collaboration with the source, worked to make seven methamphetamine package controlled purchase from the residence of the accused. After this, the product was then sent to the labs for testing. The lab reports tested positive for methamphetamine drug every time by the Northeast Laboratory of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The dark web meth purchase became the justification for the later entry. This adds to the evidence that Bitcoin (BTC) is not at all a wise tool for the illegal activity, even on the dark web.

Source: Decrypt

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