Dark Web Markets and It’s Unusual Way It Operates


Dark Web is the most unknown place for any users that surfs the regular commercial internet. This is the side of the internet that most of the user is not aware of and it is not popular amongst the general public. The websites and web pages that are available on the dark web is only accessible by a special customized software called the TOR which is an advanced version of the Google Chrome browser. Everyone knows about Google chrome and has a fair bit of knowledge about the software as it is used by most people, when they surf or visit the clear web or as it s popularly known as the surface web. In the hidden part called the deep web or the dark web there are things that available for purchase that are not otherwise available on the clear net. A knowledgably consumer makes the right decisions on the clear net but when he ventures into the deep side of the internet he will not be able to make the right decisions as everything on the platform is encrypted and in the shadows so as to speak, not in literal terms but that is much the case. Most of the stuffs that are available on these websites can be purchased by Bitcoin, the anonymous decentralized currency that was developed by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto.

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All the things that are made available on this platform make use of this Cryptocurrency. And there is something to those particular stereotypes, since details relating to credit card information to passwords and social security numbers are all up for sale on the dark web platforms. And in grand scale of illegal things that are available on these website stolen credit card details are not a new of a surprising thing. For example if the user is looking to procure weapons, hard legal or illegal drugs on these markets dark web has all the items that are listed on these websites. There are special entities that make these stuffs available for sale on the markets and they are called the darknet markets. There are wide variety of these market place which are exists and most of them see a minor up’s and down but all of them are not always to do satisfy customers demand and fulfill orders. The first of the inaugural market place is now the Silk Road which has been taken down by the law enforcement agencies.

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It has been taken down by a joint operation and from then on there have been a lot of new markets that have propped up and are doing business. All these markets accept various Cryptocurrency; the most popular among them is the Cryptocurrency was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The bitcoin inventor had risen to its stardom because it was his digital currency that customers and clients transacted whenever they went onto the Silk Road platform to purchase stuffs and materials of their choice. Do not be surprised if it were to be revealed that these market places also sold organs. Organ sales are fairly common on the darknet markets. Most of the demands are made by patients, who are in urgent need for the stuffs, and they fear that if they wait for the right way, they would definitely not be able to fetch the organs in the right time. The World Health Organization estimate that there are roughly 10,000 illegal organ transplant surgeries per year which is possible due to the dark web supplying the organs from their inventory. More the importance of the organs, more it costs. For example if you want to buy a human heart or a kidney it will cost between $100K-$200K, while a functioning set of eyes costs closer to $1,200.

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