US Government Plans Tofee Rewards To Dark Web Informants In Cryptocurrency


Informants who wish to make a large amount of money quickly in cryptocurrency have the opportunity now to do so. The State Department of US is offering rewards to anyone who can provide information on dark web hackers.

Their activities are viewed by the government as a threat to the United States. As a result, a total of $10 million has been set aside for anyone willing to sell them out.

According to the information, the programme is known as “RFJ (Reward for Justice),” and the bounty will go to anyone who can identify or locate hackers.

Anyone carrying out malicious cyber activities targeting US infrastructure under the direction of any foreign government is described as a hacker.

The RFJ Program Happen To Stop Crime

Since 1984, the RFJ programme has been in place. Under the programme, the US government has paid out millions of dollars to informants.

According to our sources, the government has spent at least $150 million on more than 100 informants who have provided actionable information that has resulted in the prevention of international terrorism.

Furthermore, the programme has yielded positive results, as it has resulted in the conviction of numerous criminals.

Apart from terrorism, the programme covers ransomware, threats from North Korea, terrorism financing, and weapons of mass destruction, among other topics. The dark web hackers’ activities appear to fall under the category of malicious cyber activities.

According to a State Department official, the programme is extremely beneficial because it encourages a large number of people to contribute to national security improvements.

Many of these informants have previously received money in the form of suitcases stuffed with cash or money transfers. However, the department now wants to look into using cryptocurrencies to pay out the rewards.

Why Cryptocurrency for The Program

According to the sources, the programme is considering a crypto payment option to ensure payment efficiency and speed.

The crypto mechanism makes it easier to communicate with people more quickly. However, according to Erez Liebermann, a former prosecutor in the US Justice Department, the government should have been using Cryptocurrencies to pay its undercover sources or informants long ago.

Many cryptocurrency supporters, including Liebermann, are pleased with the news. Supporters of cryptocurrency, such as Neeraj Agrawal, believe that law enforcement agencies have been using cryptocurrencies.

As a result, they are pleased that the government is now taking an interest in the sector and the economic benefits it provides.

Despite all of the technology’s advantages, the Biden administration is aware of its risks. As a result, the government established a task force to track cryptocurrency payments made during cyber-attacks.

Ransomware attacks have caused numerous problems in the United States. That is why the Biden administration is working hard to stop hackers.

The JBS ransomware attack and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, for example, shook the United States this summer.

In a recent attack, a group known as DarkSide stole more than $90 million from Colonial Pipeline.

Another company, JBS, lost $11 million to hackers after a month. This is why the bounty has become necessary to put a stop to the bad guys’ antics.



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