Man Who Attempted to Hire Hitman on the Dark Web to Murder Stepmother Found Guilty


Beau Brigham has been found guilty of attempting to hire a hitman on the dark web to murder his stepmother. The trial was an intense one and lasted for about two and a half weeks with a full day of deliberation.

The 33-year-old man was taken back to San Luis Obispo County jail after his verdict. He will remain there until September 10, 2019, when he will reappear before the court for his sentence. It has been reported that he faces up to nine years in prison. Somewhere in May 2018, an informant who hacked into the dark web informed the District Attorney’s Office about how someone had attempted to hire a hitman to murder the suspect identified as LB.

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Detective Suzie Walsh confirmed to have received an email from the DA Office with details. It was reported that the suspect behind the operation, Brigham, sent the Social Security number of the victim, a cropped image of her, information on the vehicle she was using and two addresses of her residence in San Luis Obispo to an unidentified hitman on the dark web. Authorities launched an operation to search for the victim. However, the earlier attempt was unsuccessful as it turned out the addresses were wrong. When they managed to identify the location of the victim, she was safe.

As claimed by the report, the victim revealed to the authorities that she could not think of anyone who can harm her other than her two stepsons, Brandon and Beau. The victim took care of the brothers since her husband had a heart attack and died in 2011. She then took over the restaurants and bars left behind. However, she ended up losing them. The brothers then sued her and won the case. Since then, their relationship has been a sour one.

The last time LB saw her stepsons was in 2013. Though they have not seen each other since 2013, Brigham contacts her occasionally. In one of the suspect’s email, he asked LB to visit him. He claimed his ALS had progressed with cancer. LB said she did not believe Brigham was telling the truth, and also, a medical examination conducted showed Brigham was never diagnosed with any illness. A forensic specialist revealed that Brigham had an application on his phone that enabled him to convert fiat into Bitcoin. It was also found that he had exchanged data on the dark web on 40 different dates.

The dark web websites saved on his browser revealed that Brigham had exchanged messages with a hitman on the dark web. Brigham said that he had been closed to death for four years, but her stepmother abandoned him to die. He admitted to talking to a hitman on the dark web. However, he pointed out that he realized what he was doing after some weeks and did not want to harm his stepmother.

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In his recent court appearance, the judge stated that the case was the trickiest one among the about 15 murder cases he had presided on. According to him, the dark web was completely a new thing to him.

The informant identified as Chris Monteiro is said to be cybersecurity, dark web and cybercrime researcher. It was reported that Monteiro discovered Brigham was seeking for hitman service on a website called Besa Mafia. It was revealed that the administrator was actually a con man who deceive and take money from people who seek hitman on the dark web services. He had no intention to actually carry out the operation. It was also found that Brigham had sent a message to Besa Mafia between March and April 2018, asking them to make the murder looks like an accident. “Look, I need this fu****g person dead”, he messaged.

Defense attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu attacked Monteiro as a criminal who was convicted of possessing child pornography in the United Kingdom. This was after Monteiro was asked to testify about the case. Commenting on the verdict, the defense attorney admitted that the jury was fair as they tackled the case with sensitivity.

According to him, the jury realized the defendant needed some help, and felt sympathetic for him. Funke-Bilu also stated that no one was harmed from his clients’ actions. According to the statement issued, he said his client never left his bed, and also, he never deposited any money to carry out a hitman on the dark web.

Recently, authorities jailed a woman who attempted to order a hitman service on the dark web. The efforts to eradicate crime and to control the uprising crimes that relate to the dark web has been a fruitful one as many arrests have been made in the process.

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