Dark Web Gambling And Its Relationship With Bitcoin



Gambling has been more common amongst people who actually know how to earn some extra cash by investing a little. The concept of gambling has long been among humans from ancient history and has evolved gradually taking a new shape and name. Earlier, it used to be present only in the physical world. But now, with the advent of the internet and the growth of technology, it has just become a piece of cake for anyone to Gamble with BTC at any point in time. Although there has been innumerable discussion on bitcoin gambling, specifically the dark web gambling, yet it remains to be one of the most talked through topics of the world. 

The dark web has been quite fascinating, owing to the fact that you would be able to get anything and everything that you probably have imagined. As you might know, the name “dark web already puts out a vibe that most of the things that you will get here would be illegal or unacceptable. For example, dark web markets or black markets, illegal services, stolen credentials, hacked materials and unregulated gaming stuff like bitcoin gambling.

The unregulated gambling does not include the offshore iGaming websites such as the ones that are listed on the Online Poker America. This is because the reputable offshore bodies regulate the games that are there on this website. Illegal gambling activities on the darknet consists of dark web websites or the deep web sites that are kept hidden from the rest of the world through encrypted and anonymous services. There is typically no form of regulatory oversight.

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

Casinos on the internet, also regarded as the internet casinos or virtual casinos can be termed as the online platform for betting works pretty similar to the traditional offline casinos. The only difference is that the online casino sites accept payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and that the offline casinos accept payment either online (fiat currency involved) or in cash. Since the online casinos on the dark web accept bitcoin payments, the most popular digital currency that relies on the blockchain technology, they are also termed as bitcoin casino sites or bitcoin betting websites.

Do Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Well, generally speaking of the casinos, not all casinos accept crypto payments while some only accept BTC payments and the rest accept both fiat and cryptocurrency. The online casinos that operate on the dark web have to accept crypto payments whatsoever owing to the fact that it is the dark web where anonymity and security is mostly sought out. Thus, only cryptocurrency payments are accepted in these crypto gambling sites. Some of the other online gambling sites accept both fiat currency and crypto coins simultaneously expanding the provision of the users to select their mode of payment.

Dark Web Gambling: How Real Are They?

Gambling on the deep web bears all the same risks what exactly the offline mode of gambling possesses. What is not infrequent with these gambling sites is that many of them turn out to be scams, and the rate is relatively high. Talking about the scams, there are plenty of them but what makes the risks interesting is that being run on the dark web, the scams take a different route altogether. 

One of the most common forms of risks associated with the dark web is the “Ponzi schemes”. Under this scheme, the gambling authority clears the payments of the existing players whose payments were due or kept on hold with the money that the new players bet on. Some of the gambling websites on the dark web refuse to pay out the winners who had deposited their amount before they had started the dark web games. Another most probable scams that the gamblers might come across in the dark web gambling sites is the inclusion of the fixed matches or fixed games, winning which is next to impossible. 

These are some of the insights that you may consider and give dark web gambling a second thought before risking your hard-earned money. But, some people are likely to take risks on these gambling websites and will keep looking for more such games and onion links

With these concepts in mind, you might be wondering whether there are any genuine and verified dark web links 2020 of the online casino games. Well, yes, there are a couple of them.

How Do The Crypto Gambling Sites Work?

The crypto gambling sites 2020, as the name suggests, work based on the digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. The most common cryptocurrency used to gamble on the dark web is Bitcoin (BTC). These casinos offer quality dark web games for people who play for their fun. Some of the legit casinos transact only via the Bitcoins. This means that the players deposit an amount before betting to the bitcoin wallet of the casino sites after which they can play. If they win a bet or a sequence of bets, the rewards are transferred to the winner’s bitcoin wallet, the same one from where the initial deposit had been paid out. 

There are certain betting platforms that develop their own proprietary betting software and in return earn the players’ trust by revealing their algorithms that the casino site has been based upon or through their peer-to-peer (P2P) reference.

Similar other online casino platforms offer Bitcoin as the mode of payment along with the other fiat currencies like Euros, US Dollars and others. However, the bitcoin casino sites have been becoming popular these days although they have to travel a long way in the bid to gain as much popularity as the traditional casinos do.

One of the most sought out darknet games on these casino sites is Poker. But there are also other hundreds of deep web games listed on the websites that the users can enjoy as well.

Having said this, since you are playing the dark web games on the darknet tor browser, you have to be sound on what information you are giving out and whether or not you are using a premium VPN. VPN would help you conceal your IP address and provide both anonymity and security.

Genuine Dark Web Sites For Gambling & Reason For Their Popularity

There are quite a few dark web betting websites that deliver exactly what they claim to offer. This would mean that they are pretty closer to consider as being safe and trustworthy. It could be taken as these sites provide the gamers or the gamblers with the assurance of the best outcome against the value they are paying for.

Some of the crypto casinos are untrustworthy or deceitful. But this does not hold them back from gaining much popularity with each passing day. Many people who depend on these online casino games on the dark web keep on questioning, whether taking up the risk is worthy. With that being said, they also do not have any other way often to Gamble with BTC otherwise. 

On top of these, the dark web game sites links assure some sort of security to their potential customers by integrating exciting features that support security like the cryptocurrencies. Thus, all the dark web sites for gambling offers its customers to bet using their cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC). 

If you are a newbie in the field and looking for some verified dark web links 2020, you can consider visiting the best dark web forums such as football match fixing forum. You can also look for dark web fixed matches through Telegram. Match-fixing is one of the preferred types of dark web gaming.

Here is a concise list of some of the best Bitcoin Casino Sites 2020 and match-fixing links of Best Online Gambling Sites and Games, say, bitcoin gambling sites UK and bitcoin gambling sites USA:

  • Xmatches (Fixed Football Matches / Dark Web Match Fixing / Crypto Sports Betting Site) – xmatchesfmhuzgfb.onion
  • Football Money (Fixed Football Matches / Dark Web Match Fixing / Crypto Sports Betting Site) – footballsge4ocq3.onion
  • Hidden BetCoin (Bitcoin Same / Bitcoin Different Game) – betcoinahk4j27yb.onion
  • PHDCasino (Playing Online Casino Games On The Deep Web / Crypto Sports Betting Sites) – 5p6dpc344vsbigv7.onion
  • European Leagues Fixed Matches (Gambling On The Dark Web / Crypto Sports Betting Sites) – fixedlwgc3burzts.onion
  • Online Shans (Russian Online Deep Web Casino Games) – rswwpapessp3xxpw.onion
  • BetTor (Darknet Casino Games) – bettorzztykidrx2.onion
  • First Gold Casino (Casino Games on Darknet) – vxes67oilqrbkwsb.onion

How Are Cryptocurrencies Supporting Gambling On The Deep Web?

Whenever we think of the dark web or the deep web (the darknet in general), the first thing that pops into mind is security and anonymity. The dark web is known to be an illegal hub where anonymity and safety plays an important role. Thus, using other payment methods apart from cryptocurrencies such as e-wallets, credit cards, or net banking would cause potential risks, and one might end up getting bankrupt if the wallet or the account is hacked. Moreover, not using the cryptocurrencies would also let the law enforcement agencies to track the payments and hold the ones associated with it. In the bid to keep all of these risks at bay, Cryptocurrencies are the most sought out option. 

The history of cryptocurrencies mentions that for a very long time, they were promptly associated with the illegal activities at the ground level as they were used rigorously for exchanging stuff on the dark web. Although the contemporary perception of the cryptocurrencies have shifted a bit, yet some of the major crypto coins or digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero (XMR), Ethereum and Litecoin are broadly used as a payment method or mode of payment on the dark web.

There is absolutely no brainer considering the crypto casino sites on the dark web. With the surge in the accessibility and popularity of the crypto coins, there has been a spike in the online gambling games or betting games on the dark web and deep web. This is solely due to the features that the cryptocurrencies offer

Is It Safe To Gamble On The Dark Web?

Well, it depends. Some people find illegal gambling worth a try even being aware of the associated risks. While there are a group of people who believe refraining from these dark web game sites links is the best solution. If you ask our opinion, we would rather say “it is better to be safe than sorry”. The gambling sites on the deep web offer you a lot of things that come at a substantial cost which is often hard to bear. It is obviously better to find some other alternatives elsewhere. There definitely are quite a number of these alternatives out there that are awaiting your presence. 

Suppose anonymity is something you prefer the most. In that case, you can visit the offshore online betting websites or casino websites that accept cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin or even Monero. With that, you can also go ahead and opt for an extra security and anonymity layer for your internet, which is installing a premium VPN. VPN would ensure that your IP addresses are masked and you are protected. Isn’t it that easy?

This being said, deep web game sites links for playing games, casino games and betting is sort of pointless as compared to the other offshore online gaming websites where you have a much better opportunity of winning and enjoying the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that the users and the newbies tend to ask most frequently about bitcoin betting site and the cryptocurrency gambling sites:

How Do People Find Out About The Dark Web Gambling Sites?

It is true that the dark web sites for gambling are not properly listed on the surface web unlike the other links which is the sole reason that it is nearly impossible to list out all the dark web links at the same place. All of the deep web links bear an extension of .onion in place of regular .com or .org. The website links often change or keep on shifting as the websites get shut down quite often and they have to move to other servers so that they are not detected.

In order to stay updated, people use the Tor browser that is not indexed and the websites can to some extent store their onion links for the other people to access. People often visit Hidden Wiki indexes to get a list of active sites.

Are The Deep Web Gambling Sites Scam?

Well, not necessarily all the deep web gambling sites are scam otherwise all would have shut down owing to the fact that no one would consider betting there. But yes, there are certain fraud schemes that certain dark web gambling sites apply such as deposit scams, Ponzi schemes, fake syndicates and insider tips. It needs to be remembered that not all scams are applied on all betting sites and not all betting sites are scams. There are a couple of online bitcoin gambling sites that are authentic.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

Yes, bitcoin casinos are legal in some jurisdictions, while it is absolutely illegal in the others. Thus there are so many Legal Bitcoin Gambling Sites available online. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been so designed that it can work freely and completely in the digital space. But some regions and countries have imposed their own unique laws or rules and regulations on the utilization of Bitcoin. This is the reason behind different laws applicable on various bitcoin betting sites.

Is Gambling Online With A VPN Illegal?

Gambling using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is not illegal unless you are from a country that has already banned the usage of VPNs such as Belarus, China, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Russia, Turkey, Uganda, UAE and Venezuela. VPN gambling is also considered illegal if you are betting on any of the bitcoin casino sites where you are not supposed to access the game without a VPN. Simply stated, for example you belong from the UK (except New Jersey) and you are barred from playing at PokerStars, one of the best bitcoin poker sites unlike any other UK residents. You either need to either travel to Mexico or Canada to access the gambling site or use a premium VPN to play at the PokerStars. You chose to use a VPN instead from the ease of your home and play at the website masking your location or say changing your location to a place in the US. This event is considered illegal and you can be jailed for going against the laws of your jurisdiction if caught.

Can Online Casinos Detect VPN Usage?

Most of the Online Casinos are not bothered if you have used a VPN to access their website. In some of the cases, if they get to know that you have utilized a VPN to avoid their rules, they would probably terminate your account or limit your account from certain benefits. Thus, it is essential that you read the terms and conditions to find out if they have mentioned that you cannot use a VPN to mask your anonymity on their website. If you happen to find out the statement, be rest assured that they have software that can verify when their users employ a VPN. The casinos that dislikes the usage of VPNs on their website are much more concerned about the users using various aliases after activating the VPN. This method is followed when an user intend to claim several welcome bonuses from different aliases posing as different individuals.

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