£2.7M Dark Web Drugs Operation: Northampton Crime Gang Sentenced

£2.7M Dark Web Drugs Operation: Northampton Crime Gang Sentenced

Four men have been sentenced to prison for a total of over 34 years for successfully running a multi-million-pound dark web drugs operation. The four men who had pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply Class A drugs at the court hearings this year are:

  • Vladislavs Cvirkovics (aged 28 years)
  • Filip Hmelnicenko (aged 31 years)
  • Denis Potapenko (aged 28 years)
  • Edgars Pirants (aged 32 years)

The accused gang ran a multi-million-pound dark web drugs operation, pretty sophisticated in nature from Northampton. The customers would buy drugs from the gang members from the dark web using cryptocurrency. The gang then distributed the Class A drugs both nationally and internationally using the postal service.

“This is our first ever successful prosecution of a dark web drug supply and seizure of cryptocurrency, demonstrating that Northamptonshire Police can punch well above its weight in our ability to tackle this type of complex and hidden criminal network.”

The feds were successful in discovering a storage facility in Northampton back in June 2019. Inside the storage facility, the cops unearthed £2.7million of Class A and Class B drugs that included:

  • Cocaine (3.7 kgs)
  • MDMA tablets & Crystal MDMA (50 kgs)
  • Amphetamine
  • Cannabis
  • Ketamine
Image: Northampton Chronicle And Echo

The police then followed the evidence that led them to industrial premises located in Moulton Park, where they had discovered a sophisticated and large cannabis factory bearing a street value of £400,000.

The dark web drugs operation had resulted in the following:

  • Potapenko had been sentenced to six years and eight months (80 months) behind bars for conspiring the supply of Class A drugs, three years (36 months) for the conspiracy to supply Class B drugs and ten months for possessing CS spray. He has to serve them concurrently.
  • Pirates had been sentenced to seven years (84 months) behind bars to conspire the supply of Class A drugs.
  • Cvirkivics had been sentenced to ten years (120 months) for the conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and six years (72 months) for the scheme to supply Class B drugs along with one year (12 months) for possessing a stun gun. He has to serve them concurrently.
  • Hmelnicenko’s sentencing is still due till early 2021.

“The scale of this drugs activity and the advanced tactics utilized by this criminal group are issues more typically associated with larger metropolitan forces and I am really proud of the team here whose work was second-to-none – meticulous, tenacious and committed, ensuring this gang was taken down.”

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