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Dark Web Drug Trades: Feds Seized Nine Telegram-Based Marketplaces

A couple of law enforcement agencies have recently seized nine dark web drug markets that conducted their dark web drug trades over the Telegram social media platform or messaging app. A recent announcement from the German authorities states that the Telegram-based illicit marketplaces were groups serving as the “alternatives to the darknet”, BKA mentions. 

The law enforcement agencies that actively took part in the dark web drug trades bust on the Telegram App are:

More Details On The Dark Web Drug Trades Investigation

Back in June 2020, the investigation on the Telegram groups conducting the dark web drug trades began with the involvement of the Public Prosecutor’s Offices in Manheim, Konstanz, Hagen, Essen, Chemnitz and Bremen. The law enforcement agency, BKA, led the investigation.

While the investigation was still under process, law enforcement had identified 28 suspected darknet drug dealers and fraudsters. On the 29th of October 2020, law enforcement agencies all across the country had conducted several raids all at the same time at 30 properties that could be linked to the suspects.

The searches had resulted in the seizure of the following things:

Image: DarknetLive

  • Over four kilograms of narcotics
  • Eight weapons
  • 8,000 Euros
  • Hard drives
  • Cellphones

Of the 28 identified suspects, 13 had allegedly participated in the illegal drug trafficking. On the 31st of October, the LE authorities were successful in arresting only two suspects, a 19-year-old and a 25-year-old belonging from the Offenbach District.

The property searches had also resulted in the seizure of nine Telegram groups.

According to the press release, “the 28 suspects of the investigation used the groups to traffic drugs, forged documents, stolen information, and other illicit goods and services.”

Image: DarknetLive

Some of the seized Telegram groups are:

  • Cracked Accounts Shop
  • GermanRefundCrew;
  • Marktplatz//Schwarzmarkt;
  • Silk Road;

The groups combinedly totalled to roughly 8,000 users. The BKA had also posted a seizure banner in the groups and had banned the trading bots from functioning henceforth.

Source: DarknetLive

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Aadvik Perry
Aadvik Perry covers law enforcement and crimes from San Francisco for The New York Times. Before joining The Times he was a reporter at The Los Angeles Times and The Forward. Aadvik is one of the top contributors of Dark Web Links.


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