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Dark Web Drug Purchase: Investigations Ongoing On Accused Bavarian Man

The dark web drug purchase has been on the rise at par with child pornography or child sexual abuse. The darknet markets are increasing as time is advancing, and thus there are cases where the drug dealers are getting caught either red-handed or otherwise. A similar case has been under the roof of investigation.

Cops in Marktoberdorf of Bavaria, are currently investigating an alleged drug dealer suspected of buying and also probably selling “notable quantities of drugs on the dark web.”

Image: Kemptener Kriminalpolizei

In a concise press release, police in Marktoberdorf has announced an ongoing investigation into the activities of a “suspected drug dealer on the dark web.” The investigation started back in February 2020 when someone had reported the smell of marijuana from outside an apartment. When the cops had searched the apartment, they discovered more than seven kilograms of marijuana and €60,000 in cash. The police have arrested three suspects of ages 25, 29, and 47, respectively.

During an investigation made into the three suspects conducting dark web drug purchase, the investigators in Kempten has identified a 35-year-old man with an undesignated connection to the first three suspects. The cops had searched the suspect’s apartment in Obergünzburg and were able to discover drugs – more than two kilograms of marijuana, 600 grams of cocaine, and 1,200 ecstasy pills.

Image: Kemptener Kriminalpolizei

The cops are investigating the 35-year-old’s activities on the dark web at present. They too, are looking into the relationship between the 35-year-old and the original suspects. As per the police, The defendant has obtained noteworthy quantities of drugs on the dark web. They believe that the defendant might also have distributed the substances on the dark web after getting into dark web drug purchase.

“Persistent and meticulous investigative work gives us success like this,” a member of the police in Kempten said.

Source: Darknetlive

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