Dark Web Drug Network: Software Engineer Arrested, 1.62Cr Narcotics Seized


An Indian software engineer has lately been arrested by The Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC) for successfully running a dark web drug network till date through a mobile app. The software engineer had lost his job in the Covid-19 lockdown, who then imported drugs from his contacts who were in the United States. He had also delivered the drugs to his customers across the country utilizing the courier facility.

The ANC officials had apprehended two men who were roaming suspiciously carrying a bag in Bandra. This was when the dark web drug network was unearthed. After their pack had been searched, the cops found 2 kgs of high-quality marijuana. In the US, the seized drug is also known as Hydro, while in the other parts it is known by Premier Indico or Exotic. The accused duo sold the drugs at a rate of Rs 1,800 to Rs 3,000 per gram.

The apprehended men had been identified as Guru Jaiswal and Yash Kalani respectively, who were taken into custody and thoroughly interrogated by the ANC.

“Yash Kalani was a software engineer by profession and was out of work due to the lockdown. He has said that he knew a few drug suppliers through the dark web and used to get drugs from them for personal consumption. He made payments through Paypal app and received the shipment in Mumbai,” Senior Police Inspector Anil Vadhawne from ANC Bandra unit said.

“In August, Yash Kalani decided to get into the supply of the drug and make money. Once he received the drug from the US, he shipped them to his clients through couriers across various cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. The communication with the drug suppliers in the US and also to those who needed the supply in India was being done through Wickr app,” Anil Vadhawne said.

The Wickr app that the accused used for conversing with his peers for running the dark web drug network is a messenger service that utilizes end-to-end encryption. It is dedicated to providing the users’ complete security from the surveillance of any third-party. The law enforcement agencies in the US have started to bust various dark web drug networks. After this, most of the illegal darknet markets, including the dark web drug marketplaces have frequently been using this messaging service for communicating with their clients.


In further investigation, One of the accused had revealed the location of another contraband stock that he had imported from the dark web. After the disclosure, the ANC had seized the drugs from the accused that accounted to around Rs 1.62 crores. Primary interrogation of the accused duo had disclosed that Kalani is the mastermind of the dark web drug network. At the same time, Jaiswal was employed for delivering the shipments and sending couriers to his clients. 

Both the accused duo had been produced in the court on Friday. They had been sent to the police custody remand until the 9th of November this year.

Source: India Today

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