Dark Web Drug Dealing With Crypto Results In Suspects’ Arrest


The Seoul police have revealed on Tuesday that they have recently cracked down on over 520 drug trafficking suspects involved in dark web drug dealing. The suspects are on the charges of buying, selling and distributing drugs over the darknet using the cryptocurrencies or digital coins.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has stated that in total 521 suspects of dark web drug dealing have been arrested. Of them 49 sellers and distributors of the smuggled drugs and 472 buyers and users of the darknet drugs have been apprehended. Only 13 of them have been placed under arrest as of now. 

The suspects of the dark web drug dealing have been accused of utilizing the crypto coins as well as the dark web to buy and sell various other banned substances including cannabis. These drugs are smuggled from abroad. The agency has cleared this adding that some of the offenders had cultivated the illegal narcotics in South Korea.

They said that 96.3% of the detained suspects belong in the age group 20 and 30s. Precisely, 305 suspects belong to the age group 20s, followed by 197 in the age group 30s and 16 in 40s. 

The police could successfully seize drugs worth 10.86 billion ($9.8 million) from the suspects. They noted that the seizures included 63.5 kg of cannabis, which is just enough to smoke around 210,000 times. Additionally, there was methamphetamine, ketamine and cocaine. The cops could also confiscate 580 million in criminal proceeds from those suspects.

The cops stated that they are now tracking down an overseas drug distributor involved in the dark web dealing. The distributor is suspected of having operated a domestic dark web website on the darknet. This dark web site being on the Tor network, is only accessible through a specialized web browser and has been distributing narcotics nationwide.

“Some people tampered with narcotics, thinking the dark web or cryptocurrency cannot be tracked,” a police official said.

“But specialized investigative personnel are constantly cracking down on drug offenders. In particular, a special investigation team in charge of the dark web and virtual assets has been in operation since last August,” the official said.

Source: The Korea Herald

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