Dark Web Credit Cards: Police Arrests Man Swiping At Carwash


A Wsaw man had been arrested and imposed criminal charges following a pattern of his bizarre behavior. The accused had been identified as a man of age 45 years and named Jason Neidert. He has been charged with the sixteen counts of dark web credit cards fraud.

Back on the 28th of August, in the morning, a gas station employee had reported a surveillance video that had been captured earlier. The footage showed that a man was swiping 35 dark web credit cards at the automatic pay box of the carwash. It is then that the investigation on the accused had been initiated. 

A financial crime specialist from the Kwik Trip had contacted the authorities notifying that the behavior of the accused was suspicious. He had also mentioned that all the cards had been declined. 

The court documents mentioned this was not the very first time that the usual incident had been caused by the accused. On the 4th of September this year, at 3:30 am and 1:27 pm respectively, the accused had swiped at least three dozen cards at the carwash. But he had no luck. Again on the 11th of September and the 16th of September, he had attempted to use 14 more cards at the carwash. Next on the 24th of September, he had again tried six new cards at the same carwash. Finally, on the 1st of October, the accused had swiped 59 dark web credit cards but did not strike a bit of luck. 

The investigators said that on the 8th of September, the accused had gone into the gas station for purchasing a $16 gift card. The gas station authorities had been informed that his card has been working inappropriately, but the payment was approved. Then he attempted to purchase another gift card worth $16, but this time the payment was declined.

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On the 9th of October, the investigators had interviewed the accused, but they had put him on a probation hold. 

The accused Neidert had revealed that the dark web credit cards possessed credit card numbers that he had purchased with the help of Bitcoin (BTC) from a Russian dark web site. He had also explained that he used to purchase illicitly obtained credit card numbers that were older or suspected not working. Tom Jourdan, the Everest Metro Officer, had explained that the older credit card numbers could prove to be valuable when a person does not entirely cease their accounts. 

The court documents mentioned that the accused had spent nearly $1.50 per credit card bought from the dark web. The investigators were also successful in recovering a credit card encoder at the residence of the accused. 

The officer stated that any card such as the gift cards, hotel room keys or similar cards possessing magnetic strips could be programmed with a new number. The investigators mention that the accused would use those outdated dark web credit cards and issue them with brand new credit card numbers. 

The officer had revealed that they were not aware of any local victims as it is nearly impossible to detect the actual cardholders as they may be from any person anywhere in the world. He further mentioned that he is only aware of a successful transaction worth $16. He has credited the crime specialist from Kwik Trip for the dark web credit cards case. 

“Without her, we would have never known what was going on,” Jourdan explained.

Jason Neidert has been scheduled to learn whether his case will be heading to trial on the 16th of December.

Source: Wsaw-TV

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