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Dealer’s Residence: Cops Find Dark Web Largest Drugs Stash

A drug trafficking individual has been caught with the most massive amounts of Class A drugs LSD, MDMA, Crystal Meth and Cannabis that the cops have ever uncovered till date. The accused has been jailed for over ten years.

The accused has been identified as Patrick Scotland, who was rumbled after the Border Force Officers have intercepted the packages that have been addressed to him from the Netherlands. The packages contained 6 kilograms of ecstasy that has been skillfully hidden inside the children’s toys. The council officials carried out routine safety checks in February 2020 then unearthed large amounts suspected Class A drugs kept hidden at his home in West London.

A police raid has been conducted at his residence that revealed tubs and bags of MDMA, 185000 ecstasy pills, cocaine, drug paraphernalia, 8 kilograms of cannabis resin and more than 10,000 LSD tablets. It is believed that this is probably the most substantial residential seizure happened in the UK till date bearing a street value of around £2.2 million.

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Patrick was sentenced at the Isleworth Crown Court after he has deliberately pleaded guilty to numerous drug charges. In this regard, judge Karen Hold stated that one could not ignore that the recovered drugs were sizeable quantities of the dangerous ones, which causes destruction and misery. The prosecuting, Alex Agbamu told the court that Patrick was involved in drug trafficking to a significant and severe level. He said that the accused was concerned with how the drug was coming into the country knowingly.

Patrick has admitted three counts of possession with the intent to supply Class A drugs namely – MDMA, LSD, methylamphetamine along with two counts of possession with the intent to supply Class B drug namely – ketamine, cannabis resin, as stated by a police spokesman. The defendant was also sentenced through a video link from the Wandsworth Prison has also admitted being concerned in the importation of a Class A drugs fraudulent evasion of a prohibition, and to the possession of a weapon for the discharge of a poisonous liquid/gas/electrical incapacitation device.

The seizure has been thought to be the very first of its kind in stressing out on the breaking down of a dark web drugs website in the UK. This is because the items that were advertised online were the same as those that were found at Patrick’s residence. Unique motifs that were stamped on the Class A drugs pills had linked them back to Scotland. A number of Whatsapp messages had also been found suggesting the accused had hands on the involvement as a middle man.

Image: Daily Records

The defending, Paul Raudnitz QC has told the court that Patrick did not play a leading role and he had no idea of the volume or scale of the operation. He further added that Patrick had played no part in the sourcing and manufacturing of any of the Class A drugs and that the defendant’s actions were indeed out of character, noting he had no offences of drugs in the past seven years.

Source: Daily Record

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