Dark Web Cannibal Expresses To Conduct Necrophilia & Cannibalism on Teen


A Texas dark web cannibal who had expressed his interest in necrophilia followed by cannibalism via dark web conversation has been sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment.

The accused dark web cannibal has been identified as Alexander Nathan Barter aged 23 years, the resident of Joaquin, has been jailed on the 18th of September, 2020 after he has pleaded guilty to the charges regarding an attempt to distribute child pornography and as well as coerce and entice an under-aged.

As stated by a reputed news portal, the 23-year-old dark web cannibal had been ordered in the sentencing that he will be supervised for the rest of his life. 

Another reputed news outlet has reported that back in October 2018, the accused had expressed his interest in “conducting necrophilia and cannibalism to experience how it feels to kill, rape and eat someone.”

According to court documents, he said: “If you’d be willing to let me kill you, are in the U.S. (preferably in the South) and can travel by car, contact me.”

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) had revealed that an undercover agent had been conversing with the dark web cannibal posing as the father of a 13-year-old girl from Florida and had reverted after seeing the advertisement posted by the accused.

A series of messages had been exchanged at a stretch between the accused and the federal agent on the dark web that unveils the accused’s desire to kill, rape and eat the teen.

Image: The Sun

Another source has revealed that the accused had also furnished the undercover agent with explicit instruction on how to travel to him from Florida to Shelby County of Texas. He had also given an idea on how to convince the teen to come along, and after everything is done, how they would conceal their criminal evidence.

In another string of messages, a fact has come up that states the accused had arranged a meeting with the officer in Joaquin on the 19th of October, 2018. He had also stated that he would carry with him a knife, a tablet, a cellphone and a garbage bag. This has been confirmed by the investigators, U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Texas.

U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Cox said: “As this chilling case demonstrates, online talk is not always just talk.”

“The constant vigilance of our law enforcement partners has prevented an evildoer from finding a like-minded accomplice and bringing his grisly plan to fruition.

“This case is a sobering reminder of how the brave men and women of law enforcement face down the worst of the worst in the scariest of scenarios.”

The special agent in charge of the HSI Houston named Mark Dawson said that it was one of the most shocking plots that he had encountered till date.

He said: “In my 23-year career in law enforcement, this is among the most morally depraved and appalling criminal conspiracies that I have come across.”

“Without the quick and decisive actions of special agents, this disturbed predator would still be out there looking for potential victims to carry out his sick and demented fantasies.”

The dark web cannibal had pleaded guilty to the attempted coercion and the enticement of a teenager along with the distribution of child pornographic materials in December. He has been awaiting sentencing.

Source: News Week

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  1. If all cops did was track and arrest probable cannibals I would have no problem. But that’s not their MO. They track and arrest everybody for every little thing and wear it as a badge of pride. They destroy good people, while most of them are bad people.


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