Dark Web Cannabis Distributor Nabbed in Spain


A dark web cannabis dealer has seen his business crumbled to the ground, as Spanish National police busted his drug ring.  The dark web drug lord who was arrested in Malaga reportedly controlled one of the most significant cannabis supply on the dark web.

The culprit, whose name and other personal information was withheld due to some reasons, became a target for the Spanish national police force last year after was when they decided to step up their efforts in tracking criminals who hid behind the dark web. A state-backed operation began in the middle of the year, with its aim being targeting and bringing down criminals who used the dark web and other forms of technology to sell illegal drugs.

A released statement from the Spanish police stated that the various marketplaces on the dark web where criminals resorted to carrying out their criminal activities had ratings and feedback systems just like that of established shopping websites. This system helped them build a solid reputation and allowed them to offer quality service, which they otherwise couldn’t, without the help of the dark web.

The dark web cannabis dealer later became a casualty to the investigation, as he was suspected of using the dark web, together with two more online technologies, which were shielding his location and activities. He also accepted payment only in Bitcoin which he stored in an online wallet.

His arrest came after the police linked the dark web cannabis ring to his home in Mijas, Malaga. His property was discovered as the grounds where all the shady drug deals took place, before making their way onto the dark web.

During a raid on his residence, the police uncovered 2kilograms of herbal dark web cannabis, which were being prepared for distribution. Additional reports suggest that the cannabis was to be distributed in small packages, to over five destinations across Spain. The Spanish police also seized a telephone, two personal computers, cutting and weighing tools, packaging materials, envelopes, a vacuum packing machine, and other drug paraphernalia.

In a statement, the Policia Nacional, the Spanish police stated that this investigation has led to the arrest of one of the most dangerous online drug dealers. They added that surveillance on his Malaga residence gave them the breakthrough. The statement also stated that the operation has now targeted over 60 million online sellers and seeks to uncover their location and the identity’s behind them.

The Policia National also added that a report on the repercussions of the use of the drug revealed that a considerable number of deaths were caused by it. A study last year from Canadian researchers, also stated that most people suffering from cognitive impairment were as a result of smoking cannabis on a more frequent basis.

This latest arrest adds to the Spanish police’s numerous effort to bring down criminals hiding behind the dark web, to commit hideous crimes.

Earlier this year in March, the Policia Nacional, was among the Group of European law enforcement that partnered with the US, Canada to shut down over 50 dark web marketplaces. These marketplaces were dealing in all sort of criminal activities, ranging from illegal drugs and sales of illicit firearms.

Image Source: businessinsider.es

The joint operation, led to 61 arrests and the confiscation of over 50 unregistered firearms, almost 300kg of illicit drugs, €6.2 million of drugs proceeds and an additional €4m in Bitcoin.

After the operation, Europol released a statement, stating that, with this bust, they’ve sent a strong warning to criminals who are hiding behind the dark web to conduct their illegal trades, that, their anonymity isn’t guaranteed anymore. They describe the dark web as fertile grounds from criminals and illegal activities but warned those involved that, no matter where you are, the police were going to hunt you.

Europol also added that trying to bring down illegal activities on the dark web was their topmost priority as well as for law enforcement agencies across the globe.

“While you may have a higher level of anonymity on the dark web, you still have an identity; dark web applications are not an invisibility cloak or an immunity vaccine against the law,” the statement read.

Catherine De Bolle, Europol’s executive director, also chipped in after the bust with some words, saying that the dark web is not as safe and secured as people portray it to be.

She added that, when you get onto the criminal environment to either buy or sell illegal goods, you are only putting yourself at risk, as law enforcement will find you wherever you are and bring you to justice.

Source: Illicit-Trade

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