Ways Dark Web & Bitcoin Are Aiding in Concealment of ‘SamSam’ Ransomware


In the constant destination of the dark web but the ever-changing world of the cybercrime, the issues with the malware  has been studies extensively and the cyber security experts have even researched them from all over the world. Although, there is a case that the cybersecurity experts have been baffling with is the case of the ‘SamSam’ ransomware, which is an elusive malware whose precise way of operation has given it great popularity amongst the cybersecurity experts and the enthusiasts. The Inception of the ransomware has been intercepted in December 2015 and since then the ransomware has continued to wreck havoc by creating fear amongst the high level organizations’ networks and claiming expensive ransoms in the exchange of the decryption software for two years.

SamSam is not just the average ransomware but it possesses some special features that make it one of the out of the box creation. One such feature that sets it apart from the flock of most of the ransomwares is its targeted attacks on the specific victims whereby an attacker gains access to the network of the victim puts it under surveillance and finally the ransomware operates manually. Most of the ransomware indulges in a game of numbers where they target a number of people. Often their strategies are to raise cash through the large sums of the relatively small ransoms. SamSam on the other hand identifies the specific targets and capitalizes on the opportunity by asking for a five figured ransom

payments. Unlike WannaCry, the one of the major ransomware attacks, SamSam cannot be transmitted by itself from one machine to another but it relies on the skill of a human attacker to spread it as they takes under surveillance the target. This is making the organizations and institution wonder about how to tackle the ransome ware threat.


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