Protect Your Apple Ids from Being Sold on Dark Web


In the recent times, the newspapers have seen a lot of headlines that covered the information that the numerous number of Apple IDs credentials have been located on the dark web. The hackers are always attracted towards the acquiring of the personal data along with other details like the credit card details. One of the notable cases in this context is the hacking of the Apple IDs accounts and making purchases from those accounts. Data of such accounts like the usernames and passwords are sold against a price as low as $15, making them the most easily accessed data on the dark web. The most valuable data is the financial-related data.

Hackers are always in search of data all throughout the dark web by employing several methods. One of such methods is phishing where the hackers create a dummy of any website basically the login pages that is the exact copy of the original and is easy to dupe the users visiting those websites through the links. There are obviously ways in which an about to be victimized user can identify a phishing scam. Most of the fake emails and webpages duplicate the logos, fonts and the colour schemes but not the domain name. Apple has already published a page on its website that explains how the users can safeguard themselves against the phishing scams and as well as how to detect an email coming straight from Apple.

The two-factor authentication is another method that provides an extra protection layer. This feature permits the users to share apps, movies and music with up to five family members. The feature gets activated when the user receives an email or text that asks to accept or reject the option to join from the family admin. The hackers can gain access to your email and replicate it. But this can be avoided using this particular feature as this works by generating a six digit code or pin used along with the username and password to gain access or make changes or even carry out transactions.


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