Cynet Reduces Risk Exposure through Vulnerability Assessment


Cynet now provides organizations with the opportunity to protect themselves from cyber-attacks through their 14-day free access to its Cynet 360 Degree platform. Through this, organizations can easily leverage their in-built vulnerability assessment tools. Through continuous monitoring of the environment for weaknesses in the security is a part of cyber management. If such issues arise, that can be used as a proven way against cyber security issues.

What is vulnerability? It is a bug in the software that enables a security threat to multiply for various malicious purposes. Take for example vulnerability arises in a word document. When that happens, when a user opens the document through double-clicking, the malicious bugs generates an instant connection between the user computer and the attacker, generating a tendency to execute remote code and also install malware on it.

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Considering all these factors it would be right to feel that a large majority of organizations regularly deploys patches as soon as the vendor deploys them. But that is usually not the case.

As Eyel Gruner, president of and co-founder of the Cynet security systems say, “You need to have a dedicated product to scan the environment, meaning that you have to fight your way to a sufficient budget. Then you have to deploy it, which is resource consuming- it can take effort to have a scanner fully cover your entire environment.”

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Obviously, all these would help why patching is not commonly practised, it contributes hardly to zero, in an attempt to get it justified. There are tons of kits, available to let anyone, even without skills to hack-distribute their exploits to places far and wide. These skilled minds are already armed with items like ransomware and crypto miners, to name just a few among others. Allowing all these to get materialized in our environment would mean a five-time increase in money than the combined effort of purchase, deployment as well as operation.

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