Cybersecurity To Get Added to Business School Curriculum


Cyber security is not just a topic or a subject but it possesses immense value and might help people know about the hacks or attempt to hack situations. In many cases the people having knowledge on cybersecurity might just instantly identify a hack or take precautions from any about to get hacked situation. Keeping in mind the importance of cyber security, the educational system is now in the path of incorporating the cyber security in their curriculum. Most prominently, the business schools and colleges would now incorporate the cyber security as a subject for the betterment of any businesses.

The cyber security specialist named Sagar Samtani has joined the Muma College of Business that falls under the University of South Florida, forming a once unlikely partnership. Sagar Samtani who has came from the University of Arizona to University of Florida says that this is the next generation of crime and cyber warfare and costs the global economy at least $450 billion annually and that the number is increasing day by day.

Samtani expects that many students will be interested in his class as more of the companies make cyber security a top priority and hire more people to support it. He also adds that billions of the hacked accounts are made available for sale through the websites where the nefarious actors carry on their businesses. He describes the World Wide Web as an iceberg where the visible part is the clear web which is easily accessible through the search engines. The unidexed part of the iceberg, the deep web and the dark web cannot be easily identified aiding the hackers to buy and sell stolen information. Adding to this he says that at a minimum the people must use different usernames and passwords from one website to the other. This will make sure that even if an account of one of the websites gets hacked, the information on the other websites remains intact.

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