Crypto Enthusiasts of Four Indian Cities Unite To Voice Regulatory Suggestions


Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Opinion: The Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in various Indian cities have been uniting by a community roadshow where they focus mainly on the ideas they have regarding the country’s crypto regulation. The roadshow has been hosted by Blockchained India. It has been learnt that the company has been hosting a series of the roadshow meetups in chapters in a number of cities. The theme of the meeting revolves around “Does India Really Need Cryptocurrency Regulations?” All of the events forms a part of the larger event organized by the group named “India Dapp Fest” which has been scheduled for May.

At the Mumbai event that was held last week, the Crypto News India has reported that in an approximate hundred people and between the 70 and 80 founders from the Cryptocurrency exchanges along with the various other Cryptocurrency based companies have attended the event. In addition to these companies, there were other professionals who have attended the event like investors, marketers, lawyers and researchers.

Nischal Shetty, the CEO of the Cryptocurrency exchange named Wazirx, took part in the event in Mumbai and has spoken for the ‘India Wants Crypto’ campaign. He led a Twitter campaign on 31st October, last year that called for the positive Cryptocurrency regulations. The campaign has successfully entered in its 135th day. The CEO explained to the attendees of the event that RBI was not selected but the ministers were selected who are supposed to make decisions against the people.

The Indian Government is currently engaged in drafting the regulatory framework for the Cryptocurrency. On Feb this year, the Supreme Court allowed four weeks to the government to come up with the Cryptocurrency regulation. The petitions submitted to the court will then be heard against the banishing of crypto banking by the central bank of the country, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


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