Cryptocurrency Adoption Is the Latest Financial Trend Of 2020


There are many logics why people own Cryptocurrencies and like to invest in them. One is to store the Cryptocurrencies as per their value due to the limited supply of coins like Bitcoin as producing Bitcoins need a lot of energy consumption to be mined by the supercomputers. Some people store Cryptocurrency for speculation and in attempt to control the activities of the market they seldom lose track of their investments, and that is how the process of Cryptocurrency adoption begins. They aim to make a profit when a coin’s value rises against the United States dollar bill, or other investments or coins. One of the prime reasons why investors trust and own Bitcoin is because they give them the ability to make daily deals. But are the business houses keeping up with the blockchain revolution? Let’s dive right in.

Travel Companies

As per Travel Agent Central, this industry is the world’s second-fastest Deeping line of business. About $1.7 trillion can be deduced to be used for the sake of tourism industry in this year solely. With this rate of growth and development, a developing number of tourists who have been owned Cryptocurrencies are wished to pay off for hotel rooms or for flight price from their crypto wallets instantly. A large number of companies are changing their habitats to this development. As an example we can say, both parking reservation company Parking Access and hotel to airport shuttle booking organisation Shuttlefare recently have launched and added this to their Bitcoin payment provider BitPay to their websites that permits the users to use Cryptocurrency as a payment method.


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The Banking Sector

The civilians at large have always heavily trusted on the banks to make regular payments and safely manage their money and assets. Banks and financial institutions are also to be held accountable for investment in assets to make more wealth than before. The number of people who use banks and obviously that number is very high, as it is on the rise every year, according to the Global Findex database report of the World Bank: 1.2 billion people had owned or opened a bank account from the time period of 2011 to 2017.

The conventional monetary industry has not been without some challenges in the scenario of Cryptocurrency adoption  since the past few years, with central institutions and banks of countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe have been printing fiat currencies to locate the crumbling economies, and the marketplace dictators like Deutsche Bank have been caught in money laundering scam cases. Many people had started to doubt if the conventional financing system which will even start in the upcoming years. With wallet services like PayPal and Alipay came into picture, they had been offering fast dealing speeds, the crypto asset space will have to run in against of each other, in order to completely replace the traditional banking and fiat currency system.

The best advantage the Cryptocurrency adoption space has is its promising nature for a pretty clear banking system globally. Decentralization and immutability of Cryptocurrency adoption ensures that everyone in the network, they understand what is happening in the system of monetary and financial systems. The online marketing industry is on the rise as more and more people, investors; traders are choosing Cryptocurrency adoption to get goods from the comfort of their homes rather than trekking to the nearest store at the middle of the night. With the online shopping market size expected to reach $4 trillion in 2020, more Cryptocurrency companies will require themselves to be included to make a global Cryptocurrency adoption a reality as it provides a lot of transparency to both the parties.

Blockchain revolution can add to improve the supply chains when it comes to a safe and secure and transparent payment system as well as in the digital shopping industry. For example, a person can directly scan a QR code pasted on the container of orange juice to see the product’s journey to the store, which helps to fight even the fake supply chain of goods.

BitGo Goes To Europe

as reported earlier on today, the popular U.S.-based online asset management company as it is increasing its trade and along with it comes its presence in Europe. With two brand new legal entities in Germany and Switzerland, BitGo will involve these countries and their institutional investors and traders’ online asset and accounting services in Europe, as well which will increase and help the process of Cryptocurrency adoption.

On the contrary, the German identity, already giving the best legal services in the nation, they  will apply for regulatory permission in the month of November 2020, when the application window reopens for the general public. BitGo Trust Company had been originated in the U.S. in the year 2018 to provide for controlled legal services for online assets.


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Europe’s Acceptance

As of January 10th, the E.U. has launched the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD). It delivers extra improved regulations, laws, including extensive Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, transaction screening, and firms who need to file the suspicious activity reports (SARs) with law enforcement and police departments. The new bill has applied to Cryptocurrency-related firms based in Europe. It needed a lot of extra needs from organizations to mix into the controlling framework as this is the primal network which will affect BitGo’s two new identities, as well.

Switzerland and Germany have both become important European centers or nations for digital assets as well as for next step decisions and regulatory frameworks. Control frameworks regarding Cryptocurrency adoption is a prerequisite for investors and as well as their clients, and the investors have been impressed with the level of understanding and backing of Swiss and German controllers.


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