Crypto Trader.Tax: New Software Launched for Crypto Tax Report


Missouri based software developer and maker Crypto Trader has launched new products that help reporting Cryptocurrency tax filing for those containing the asset and buy and sell on a regular or frequent basis. As the years draws to an end the software will help firms, certified public accountants and professionals who are engaged in the business of Cryptocurrency to abide by the rules and regulation that is being set by the United States Internal Revenue Service or popularly also known as IRS.

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The application was launched on 25th November as reported by the Crypto Trader. Tax. The newly crypto tax professional suite launched by Crypto Trader provides a detailed description about how to import crypto transaction by clients and is also available on the website. The tool allows generating client tax reports using transaction data from the Crypto Trader and also managing multiple clients and operated importing. The Internal Revenue Service has launched the guidelines for Crypto based tax reporting back in October every American has to fill up the Form 1040 and there will be around 150 million of Americans who will have to fulfill the orders as they have traded in virtual currency. Not only those who have actively participated but also have in any way received, sold, sent or exchanged any virtual currency have to answer the question in the form.

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The Chief Executive Officer of Crypto Trader who have launched the application David Kemmerer said that all the tax professionals not only have to ask their clients whether they had nay crypto related activity in the last financial year but also have to capable to handle crypto taxation for the clients. According to the CEO this change in the regulatory environment also will increase the demand for tax professional that are specialized in Crypto dealings across the United States.

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