A Vast Crypto ATM Network in Switzerland Supports BCH


The Cryptocurrency ATM operator named Vardex Suisse has introduced the BCH support for all its devices. The company is a financially regulated institution that provides the access to the digital assets through the ATMs, POS services and partnerships with the retailers in Switzerland and abroad. A tweet on 19th of March 2019 (Tuesday) by Vardex Suisse has confirmed the fact.The company claims that it maintains the largest crypto ATM network in the Alpine nation. As per the website of the company, 26 ATM locations are set up in the major cities of Switzerland like Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne and Lucern. The devices of the company support the sale and purchase of three other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

The company states that the major aim of such a step (crypto ATM network) is that they wants to make the buying and selling of the digital currencies much seamless and easier just as the regular visit to the bank ATM. Switzerland is one of the several countries in the continent of Europe that have made successful efforts to create the favorable conditions for the crypto companies and the blockchain businesses.

The Crypto valley that is centred in the Canton of Zug has expanded over the couple of years and currently it numbers about 750 companies including those that are based in the neighboring Liechtenstein.As per the data compiled by the tracker website Coinatmradar, at present there are 52 Bitcoin ATMs and crypto tellers all over Switzerland and around half of them now support the purchases and sale of the Bitcoin Cash. The BCH trading devices have been running in the maximum as it is significantly growing in Europe and reaches around 340 across the region. Nevertheless, the Old Continent is still lagging behind with almost 1,200 ATMs offering Bitcoin Cash.


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