Crescent Cash To Be Third Bitcoin Cash Light Client to Adopt Cash Accounts


A latest open source Bitcoin Cash wallet (BCH) known as the Crescent Cash is buzzing in the town that uses the Cash Accounts protocol by default. The all new application was designed by the programmer Pokkst who has build the wallet in order to provide simplicity by permitting the BCH users to send the funds to a specific username as opposed to a alphanumeric address that is quite long.

On 1st of April 2019 (Monday), the programmer who has recently published the Bchgallery wallet has released the Crescent Cash which is a light client that is dedicated to the Cash Accounts username system. The Crescent Cash is an open-source and as well as non-custodial like the traditional BCH wallets and the applications that also supports the standard BCH address format Cashaddr. The first release of the application for Android is available on the Google Play Store. The app has a very small file size of 6.5 megabytes and it just takes a minute to download and install on your device while it consumes roughly another minute to just create your new wallet. Once you choose your desired handle, it creates a Cash Accounts username and on finalizing the username, the applications register the new username with the Cash Accounts System.

In order to send BCH to the other Cash Accounts user, one needs to simply type their username into the address field that also supports a standard address and the QR scanning abilities. The private key of the wallet is stored on the device and the app’s website notes so that the wallet provider has no access to the recovery seeds. To note down the mnemonic seed phrase, the user needs to open the settings section within the wallet. The application also offers an xpub address that can be used for the other compatible wallet applications.


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