IT Guy Steals Credit Card Credentials, Gets Caught


Credit Card Scam: An IT company worker, who had worked with a Malad based firm, has allegations that he has stolen the debit and credit card credentials from its client company based in Australia. The company has lodged a complaint about how the ex employee has used the details of customers’ debit/credit cards, that had been obtained illegally from the BPO’s client company, for fraudulent companies.

The Bangur Nagar police have registered a complaint for credit card scam against the ex-employee Vivian who has opted for the credit card scam by extortion. According to the FIR, Vivian had stolen the data of the customers company which is a telecom service provider in Australia. The BPO Company had prohibited its employees from carrying in all sorts of electronic devices like mobile phones, pen drives, laptops and video recorders etc. The police officer has conducted an enquiry. The enquiry showed that even the company had issued an order to keep every electronic device in the lockers provided therewith. The enquiry reveals further that Vivian was in charge of the debit or credit card details handling that were in connection to the people in Australia.

During the questioning Vivian has also admitted that he is in handling of the cards that belong to the people of Australia. The team had questioned him if he has a possession of any device while duty was inside the office premises. The enquiry had questioned him if he has a pen drive or any other electronics or some device where the data can be stored. The customer of the client company has raised an alarm when there were some scrupulous transactions taking place using the card as suspected a credit card scam. Vivian’s phone had 7 credit card details which belonged to the customers of Australia, the client company.


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Vivian has said that he would steal the card details such as card number and CVV number while he was serving the customers, as per the police records. The charges that have been applied to Vivian are sections 420, 409, 408, 381, 379, 72A, 72, 66,66B, 66C, 66D and 66E of the Information Technology Act.

It is of utter astonishment to see that the absence of the proper legalization of online crime is so not available in India. We need to see that what we can do in order to bring the proper perspectives in the purview of legalities regarding the online criminal activities and the usage of internet and criminal activities that happen about the scams of the online fraud.

The customers of the Australian company have complained about the forms of a four member team to carry out an enquiry to see that much guilty is Vivian about his criminal use of the credit card for his fraudulent activities around the web. The first point of strike is how someone could carry a mobile phone inside the office premises to carry out an inquiry regarding the cybercrime that has been committed.


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The enquiry has further revealed that Vivian has done similar credit card scam in his past as well and has a long record of joining and leaving the companies as and when required after stealing enough credit card data from the company database.

India lacks the jurisdiction when it comes to bringing the crimes regarding violation of privacy, breach of confidentiality, computer related offences, identity theft, cheating of personating by using identity theft, personating using computer resources and violation of privacy online into the purview of the Indian jurisdiction. The penal codes of India are not inclusive of the cases of thefts of identity.

The rising toll on the cases of such internet scam can be put under the controls of the legal movements in the Indian jurisdiction.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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