Court Likely to Overrule Ross Ulbricht’s Arguments


The prosecution has refused the arguments of each of the individual’s arguments, the founder of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht to seal off the fate of the Silk Road owner as Ross Ulbricht and his defence have appealed for conducting a fresh trial after five months of the appeal. The appeal contained 170 pages that is believed to be the last chance to overturn the life sentence that was applied on him soon after he was convicted of the drug trafficking, money laundering and computer hacking. The prosecutors have rehashed the 11 day trial of Ross Ulbricht last year in their 186 page brief filed. The prosecutors have also strongly defended the decision of the judge named Katherine Forest in spite of the five calls for a mistrial by the defence team.

The most crucial arguments that have been put forward by the prosecution are listed below:

  • The Criminal Feds are not Relevant to the Case: In the appeal, the defence has pointed out that Mark Force (DEA Agent) and Shaun Bridges (Secret Service Agent) have abused their power to access the Silk Road. The defence has also stated that the complete details of the Force’s act that were not revealed to them till the conclusion of the trial and Bridge’s misbehaviour was not informed.
  • The Root Access Becomes Necessary for Tampering the Silk Road Accounts: The defence have argued that Bridges or Force could have tampered with the accounts of Silk Road utilizing their illegal access or even planted evidence on Ross’s laptop. It has been replied that the account of the Silk Road staff member that Bridges hijacked through an informant did not have the root access that is necessary for tampering with the accounts.

  • Ulbricht Found More Guilty By Defence’s Arguments
  • Decision of the Judge Defended
  • Life Sentence of Ross Ulbricht has been Justified


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