Corporate Victims under Severe Threat by The Cybercriminals


A study released lately has pulled off the curtain from a fact that the cybercriminals selling the hacked computer tools and the hackers for hire services on the darknet are surprisingly increasing catering to the customers in the hope to cause harm to the corporate enterprises (Corporate Victims). Dr. Michael McGuire who is a senior criminology lecturer at the University of Surrey in the Guildford of England has reported the finding after his squad of highly experienced researchers invested three months studying and speaking with the vendors who involves themselves in advertising on the darknet which is referred to as an un-indexed portion of the internet relatively difficult to monitor .

The report also states that the darknet listings possessing immense potential to cause harm to a particular enterprise (Corporate Victims) such as the advertisements for the targeted malware and the corporate data have risen by 20% since 2016. Forty percent of the darknet vendors have contacted via the researchers that offered hacking services targeting the particular Fortune 500 companies having prices ranging from $ 150 to $ 10,000 depending on the potential victim. While sixty percent of the vendors contacted has been claimed to be able to sell the access to networks of over10 specific businesses.

Mr. McGuire stated that almost every darknet vendor has offered them the tailored versions of the malicious malware as a way of targeting the specific companies or the industries. He also went on to add that the more targetted will be the attack the higher will be the cost along with the prices shootingn even furtehr when it is involved to high value targets similar to the banks.

The US Authorities and in the abroad have set their sights on the darknet marketplaces where the cybercriminals sell illicit goods and services like the Wall Street Marketplace.


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