Corona Market : The New Big Thing


A relatively new darknet market named “Corona Market” has surfaced the Tor network with some fantastic features that would definitely drag you towards the market. You would be able to connect well with the new entrant. The platform is a contemporary one that has been written from scratch. It is not akin to any of the other dark web markets that have been reigning the .onion directory by far. 

Here we are all set to provide you with the latest dark web Corona Market review where we have included all possible details of the market.

User Interface & Support

On browsing the Corona Market, one could quickly tell that the market has a straightforward yet functioning user interface unlike most of the darknet markets that makes it possible for the newbies to browse through products and categories with ease. The user panel has got only two buttons. The average response time of the dark web marketplace is less than 30 minutes, which is incredible! The support member is always ready to help out the ones who seek their help by providing the right assistance in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Vendors & Listings

Currently, the Corona Market hosts a pretty good number of vendors being a brand new deep web market or one of the latest dark web markets. It possesses an average listing of approximately 2000 products in just 90 days and has proven to be very promising. The sellers are no doubt reliable by all means, and they have conducted an impressive number of sales in the darknet marketplace. They indeed have a relatively long sales history.

Payment Methods & Cryptocurrencies

Currently Corona Market supports payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). You can pay via both Monero and Bitcoin using traditional escrow and FE payment methods. Monero is strongly recommended for both anonymity and security in such darknet web sites.

Secure & Anonymous Platform

No one, not even corona marketplace administrators or moderators, can see any of your personal data, including your private messages. This means that it is end-to-end encrypted. For even better security and bullet-proof messaging, it is recommended that you use PGP.

Forbidden Items

  • Human trafficking and sale of weapons
  • Child abuse materials (CP)
  • Physical offence guides of any kind.

Forum and Public Relations

Their subdread is /d/CoronaMarket. There are two moderators in the darknet websites – the official account (Administrator) of the market /u/CoronaMarket and the Public relations and moderator /u/Justice4ALL.

Final Verdict

The market seems stable, smooth and fast. You can try it yourself and leave your valuable review.

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.


  1. its a small but nice market
    i did a few orders and everything runs fine
    for germany i vote for schneider and ecashing.

    Enjoy my friends


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