Corona Is On Sale On Dark Web


We have heard the eeriest of incidents and sales that go live on the mysterious internet, the dark web. We have seen websites that sell marijuana, deadly drugs like Fentanyl, cocaine and other drugs. And now at its height, the blood and saliva on the dark web are on sale by a corona positive man. Right after this deadly outbreak from China, a gang of scammers has been trying to sell corona survivor saliva and blood samples on the darknet. This can affect the users of darknet more than just an infection. The man is selling his saliva and blood for $1000. He had been contracted and cured of coronavirus and as he claims his blood contains antibodies that can serve humans as immunity against corona.

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The man who has made the sale live unknown of the consequences. Completely unaware of how this can influence the global politics and health of the population. There has been an announcement made on the darknet platform, that the man concerned is a corona positive patient and wants to sell his sample amount of saliva and blood in order to help his family. It is indeed one of the rarest, deadliest and strangest ideas of money-raising for the families.

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Above everything, there is an intense question of whether this incident is going to shake the world and it’s taking a weird turn when it comes to China’s revolution of democracy. The outrage of the coronavirus has deeper perspectives and higher political powers involved. It is a man-made virus made with keeping some purposes clear in mind. A lot of users have received notifications on their handsets regarding a sale that is going live for a corona patient’s saliva and blood is upon sale on the dark alleys of the internet. It is subject to further looking into the subject of whether to take this announcement seriously or not.

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