Computer Hack: Augusta Man Granted $15K Bond


Augusta man was held for computer hacking, and he had been granted bond. The man was accused of selling personal identity information of millions on the dark web that he allegedly stole from employers was arrested on Friday. In a detention hearing on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court, Magistrate Judge Brian Epps has granted the man named, Marquavious D. Britt a bond worth $15,000. Britt has been punished for home detention with electronic monitoring 24×7.

The federal agents noticed Britt and his activities of computer hacking online on chasing a tip that data from a manager of the service provider of information, had been posted for an online sale on the dark web on the 30th of September. The FBI Special Agent Taylor Burns testified this case on last Tuesday.

The managed service provider, who is located in Atlanta, also provides I.T. support, mobile application development, and software support to its clients including the services of computer hacking. Britt used to work for the company for several weeks in the summer last year, verified and stated by Burns. The FBI arranged to buy the posted data and paid $600 in Bitcoin. This trail led the police department along with the law enforcement agency back to Britt in Augusta.


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The reports about this theft of information have also uncovered the sale of personal identity information gathered from TaxSlayer, the managed service provider company where Britt was working before his arrest. Britt is on unpaid leaves now, as stated by the police officer Burns. A third victim was also recognized on last Monday, Burns said. At least two of the victims have been sent ransom emails by the convicted, Britt, right before the data was posted for sale on the darknet.

The inquiry has been continuing, but agents cannot yet access or get permission to the accounts that Britt is believed to have set up for cloud storage of the stolen data and credentials. He could have uploaded stolen data to those accounts in which he could get the permissions with any electronic device or gadget, according to the U.S. police departments.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tara Lyons has taken the path to have Britt convicted and identified without the bond provided to him, at least in the weeks where federal agents need to work on the case even more and deeper into the depths of the cybercrimes.

Defense attorney Holly Chapman wanted to manage the bond for Britt, who is interested in achieving with federal agents so they can access his accounts of the stolen information. Britt has no criminal history before this incident of a data breach and security compromisation.


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Epps has granted Britt a bond, but he is confined to his home except for medical or legal matters that he has to manage, he has been kept in a house arrest. He is not to be accessed by any electronic device or gadget or the internet.

Britt is thought to be indicted in U.S. District in Atlanta, the prosecutor has said on Tuesday. He has been charged with permitting a computer network without allowing getting the data from a preserving computer and the services of computer hacking to obtain information valued at more than $5,000. It is to be kept in mind that we have to make sure that we know enough for Cybersecurity and the general knowledge about the computer and its network and servers to be taken care of. It is not entirely the duty of the police departments to take care of everything about Cybersecurity and cybercrimes. We also have to take care of social security concerns.

Source: Augusta Chronicle

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