Contrast & Comparison: Russian & Chinese Dark Web Communities


The dark web is experiencing the influx of the Russian and Chinese darkweb communities as the time is passing. This is a new findings unearthed from a new report that suggests that a good number of the Russian and Chinese are visiting the darkweb websites that are only found in the dark web ecosystem. Lately, the Russian and the Chinese cybercriminals have been in the eyes of the public. As for example, China has become the lead in the hacking business.

As per the RecordedFuture’s research paper, the study has revealed that the members of the Russian dark web forums are more inclined towards money. Thus, they are always striving to provide information to their interest as much as possible. Their forums focus on generating revenue rather providing a platform for socializing. Chinese forums on the other hand have their basis on the culture of patriotism and the sense of socializing.

Both the communities that is the Russian and Chinese Dark Web Communities communities work towards providing uber goods and services to its regional users. But it has been seen that the Chinese Dark Web Communities are far more compliant to this policy. Also, for the Russian forums it has been seen that they have a rule of testing the hacking tools or techniques within the country but targeting the victims is done outside the Russian Federation. The Russian fraud forums are totally into selling the stolen data like the bank accounts or the credit cards and other fraud related services like the fake Ids. Also, their hacking forums provide hacking tools, exploit kits and malware. The Chinese malware forums provide specialized penetration testing services, antivirus evasion techniques, DDoS tools and remote access Trojans (RATs). The Chinese fraud forums offer data and the personal information of people from other countries and as well as the Chinese nationals.


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