Convicted Wisconsin Dark Web Drug Dealer Ordered To Forfeit 16 Bitcoin


Christopher Bania, a dark web drug dealer, who pleaded guilty to charges against him back in September, has been ordered to forfeit 16.91880054 Bitcoin. The Wisconsin native, at the time of his arrest, had over 130 Bitcoin in his cryptocurrency wallet. Bania has now been ordered by a United States court to forfeit almost 17 Bitcoin, approximately 160,310 at the time of this piece, from his wallet.

Regardless of the amount of Bitcoin Bania has to forfeit, he walks away with what’s left of his balance, which is in the area of about 124 bitcoin, together with more than $50,000 cash and other cryptocurrencies which were seized from his residence during his arrest. Bania’s dark web scheme was clamped down, after officers of the U.S Border patrol, intercepted two of his packages,containing MDMA , en route from Belgium.


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Further investigation revealed that the packages were ordered from a marketplace on the dark web. The packages were then traced to Bania, which led to a search on his residence, where officers found a notebook which happened to be his transaction book. Court documents revealed that Bania ordered different types of controlled substances from various dark web marketplaces, kept them for a while, and then later distribute them to his clients through his middlemen.

The culprit confessed to using the dark web to order drugs and had it delivered to his mail. He even cited now-defunct dark web marketplaces, Hansa, Dream Market, and AlphaBay as some of the sites he used to order drugs from, along with a couple of other marketplaces. Bania was charged with the importation of controlled substances, intent to distribute controlled substances, which included MDMA, Ketamine, Heroin, DMT, Methaqualone, Marijuana and Methamphetamine, money laundering and maintaining a drug property.

The Wisconsin dark web drug dealer, however, only pleaded guilty in a federal court to the charge of possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute, which alone carried a maximum jail sentence of 20 years. The United States Attorney Mathew D. Krueger for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, after three days, announced the plea agreement to the press.


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Bania also confessed to advertising many illegal substances for sale, on numerous dark web marketplaces. He, however, denied the distribution of heroin, cocaine base, and methamphetamines, which were uncovered at his residence during a police search.

Speaking at the time of his arrest, Paul E. Maxwell, a special agent with Drug Enforcement Administration, stated that the arrest showed that law enforcement authorities and other government agencies were willing to come together to tackle the ever-growing list of dark web drug dealers.

The 26-year-old dark web drug dealer from Hobart, Wisconsin, is now scheduled for sentencing on December 9 this year. In the early stages of this month, an Iraqi man was also ordered by a San Antonio judge to forfeit over $21,000 worth of Bitcoin, five firearms, $28,000 cash, four vehicles, $31,000 worth of jewelry and a $270,000 home.

This order was after, the culprit, Alaa Mohammed Allawi, a 30-year-old was handed a 30-year prison sentence for selling fentanyl, cocaine, Xanax, oxycodone, and methamphetamine on the dark web. The dark web drug dealer was believed to have sold over 850,000 pills of controlled substances on the dark web and accepted payment in numerous cryptocurrencies, before his arrest.

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